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Bucks County Adult Probation and Parole

Community Service Program -
Agreement Between Placement Agency and Program

Agreement in PDF Format: click here.
* Please print the PDF document, fill out the bottom portion and mail.

A. Purpose:
The purpose of this agreement is to formalize and enhance the working relationship between participating placement agencies and the Bucks County Community Service Program.

B. Definitions:
"Community Service" shall be defined as uncompensated labor for an agency whose purpose is to enhance physical or mental stability, environmental quality or the social welfare.

"Agency" means a non-profit organization or public body agreeing to accept community service from offenders and to report on the progress of ordered community service to the court or its delegate.

C. Program Descriptions:
Program staff interview and screen convicted offenders who have been sentenced by judges to perform a specific number of hours of community service work. In cooperation with participating placement agencies, program liaisons assign community service clients to placement agencies to perform the required community service work by a specific deadline. These liaisons monitor the progress of the client and assist placement agencies in working with the clients. Based on information supplied by placement agencies, program staff make periodic reports to judges, probation officers, and other members of the justice system.

D. Agency Responsibilities:
1) The placement agency will designate a specific agency staff person who will act as the agency contact. The agency contact will be responsible for accepting or rejecting potential community service volunteers and will provide necessary information to the program liaisons.

2) The placement agency will not discriminate in serving or in selecting clients on the basis of race, sex, age, marital status, religion, handicap, color, political affiliations, national origin, or any other non-merit factors.

3) The placement agency contact will interview the potential community service volunteer.

  • If the potential client is accepted by the placement agency, the interviewer and client will establish work schedules and work assignments. The placement agency will provide reasonable training necessary for the successful completion of the work assigned to the client.
  • If the potential client is not accepted by the placement agency, the agency will notify the liaison, and will explain why the client was rejected by the agency.

4) The placement agency will document the hours worked by the client and will record that information on the log sheets. The placement agency will report the hours worked upon the liaison's request. The agency will also notify the liaison upon the completion of hours.

5) The placement agency will report any supervision problems and physical injuries received by the client. When an injury occurs, the placement agency will insure that proper medical care is provided and will notify the Community Service Program liaison within on working day.

6) The placement agency will advise the liaison of any changes in the agency that would affect future use of the agency as a community service placement site.

E. Program Responsibilities:
1) The Program Coordinator will assign a staff liaison to each placement agency. Each agency will be visited at least three times a year by the liaison. The liaison will describe the program to the agency contact and will gather necessary information about the agency.

2) Whenever needed, the program staff will provide assistance to the placement agencies to improve the agencies utilization of clients and maintenance of information.

3) The Program will provide resource information about working with the offenders in a community setting.

4) The Liaison will advise agency contacts of any changes in the program that impact placement agencies.

5) Program staff will assist placement agency personnel in resolving specific problems with individual clients.

6) Based on information provided by clients and placement agencies, program staff will assign appropriate clients to the placement agencies.

The Agreement is in PDF format.
* Please print the PDF document, fill out the bottom portion and mail.

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