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This site allows access to select public information for Bucks County, through the Internet, such as:

*****PLEASE NOTE*****

Board of Assessment
Beginning January 3, 2012 the Board of Assessment will be using a new user friendly format public access system with a new site: http://www.buckscountyboa.org. The data will be updated once a week.  This site will also give you access to Residential and Commercial appeal forms, and Homestead/farmstead applications. All exemption requests, municipal/school district appeals and group appeal forms must be requested in writing to: The Bucks County Board of Assessment Appeals, 55 East Court Street, Doylestown, PA 18901.

Clerk Of Courts 
Beginning January 3, 2006, the Clerk of Courts will be managing all case files on a statewide system known as CPCMS. To access this statewide public access system, CLICK HERE.   From the Pennsylvania Unified Judicial System homepage, choose Public Web Docket Sheets from the E-Services drop-down. There is also a Public Web Docket Sheets Quick Reference Guide available in pdf. format under Judiciary Links on the left side.

Clerk of the Orphans' Court
At the direction of the Clerk of the Orphans' Court, Donald Petrille, Jr., Esquire, effective April 5, 2013, many documents filed with the Orphans' Court are available for public view by accessing the following website:http://propublic.co.bucks.pa.us/PSI3/Viewer/Search.aspx?c=OrphansCourtSearch This is a new and ongoing endeavor initiated by Mr. Petrille and records are being updated daily. Please note that any documents relating to adoptions and/or incapacitations are not available for public view. While the system is being developed, there is no charge to view the public documents at the present time.

Prothonotary and Domestic Relations (Family Court)
To access case searches for the Prothonotary Office and Family Court (excluding Support), please use the web link: http://propublic.co.bucks.pa.us/psi. Civil case documents can be accessed on line for a FEE starting Tuesday, January 10, 2012. No Family Court documents are available on-line. Instructions for the new system can be accessed by clicking this link.

Recorder of Deeds 
The Recorder of Deeds' documents are only available on the Landex System. Search Recorder of Deeds Records at www.landex.com (Fee Charged)

Register of Wills
Beginning September 23, 2013, Donald Petrille, Jr., Esquire, Register of Wills, implemented a new case management system (http://propublic.co.bucks.pa.us/PSI3/Viewer/Search.aspx?c=ProbateSearch).  Legacy and current data is being added to this new system on a daily basis.  Currently, case dockets are available for public view for Register of Wills files.    Images will be available at a later date to be announced.   Files may still be reviewed however at the Register’s office during normal business hours.  Mr. Petrille continues to strive to provide user friendly access to these ROW files and thanks you for our continued support.

Sheriff Sales
Sheriff Real Estate Sale listings are now being offered in a easy to use adobe format. Click here to access the listings. To access more information on an individual docket number, you must still use the Prothonotary Public Access System (see above).

If you need to download the Adobe Reader, please go to www.adobe.com