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Moravian Pottery & Tile Works

Cherub Border

(after Luca Della Robbia)


Our new 2018 Special Edition First Reissue tile will be made available the day after Thanksgiving, 2017.  This beautiful large 5" x 7" tile is glazed Blue & Cream. Hand crafted, the tile is made from local Bucks County clay that we dig and mix ourselves.  Due to it's being made by hand every tile is different.  Available for 29.95 plus tax and shipping if applicable.  Members of the Moravian Pottery & Tile Works receive a 10% discount on this tile.

This tile comes boxed with a card describing it.  Call us to order yours at 215.348.6090.

During the 19th Century plaster casts were a common way to obtain perfect replicas of famous art pieces.  Museums procured them as a way of representing art pieces that they otherwise could not acquire due to cost or availability.  Many museums also offered copies for sale to the general public.  The Cherub Border, copied from such a plaster cast in Mercer’s collection, is a replica of a piece by the famed Florentine renaissance sculptor and ceramist Luca Della Robbia (1400-1482).  Cherub Border #179 appeared in every catalogue issued by Henry C. Mercer (1856–1930).

 In lieu of a newly designed Special Edition tile, this year’s tile is a re-release of Henry Mercer’s adaptation of this design that he created in the early 1900’s. Until the end of 2018 the funds obtained from the sale of this specific tile will go towards the restoration of the Tile Works.  We hope to reintroduce more of these century old designs in the coming years.



First Reissue