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Man Sentenced for Brutalizing Dog

January 29, 2016

Contact: Jonathan Long, 215.348.6351, jrlong@buckscounty.org

A man who inflicted repeated abuse on his then-girlfriend’s dog, breaking most of its ribs, was sentenced Thursday to serve one day less than a year to one day less than two years in the Bucks County Correctional Facility.

Christopher George, 44, of Norristown, pleaded no contest to charges of animal cruelty, meaning he did not admit to the crime but acknowledged that prosecutors had enough evidence to convict him had the case gone to trial. He will be screened for house arrest at the prison.

“Whether you want to admit it or not, what you did to this dog was unconscionable,” Bucks County Court Judge Wallace H. Bateman Jr. told George, who works as a local truck driver.

The dog, a boxer named Rocky, has largely recovered from its injuries, said its owner, a woman who lived with George for three months in Falls Township before she realized the dog was being abused while she and her children weren’t home.

On Christmas Eve 2014, the woman said, she took Rocky to the veterinarian after coming home to find him soaking wet and covered in blood in the pouring rain outside her home. The veterinarian found that the dog had more than 20 fractures in its ribs that were in various stages of healing, indicating ongoing abuse.

The woman ended the relationship and contacted police. “I wouldn’t allow Rocky back in the house with the defendant,” she said in court.

A series of unexplained injuries, weight loss and a change in the dog’s friendly, playful demeanor had already made her wary. At one point she had Rocky tested for cancer because he had become lethargic and withdrawn. When cancer was ruled out, she became more suspicious that George might be mistreating her dog when she wasn’t home.

A month earlier, Rocky had gone missing, eventually turning up five miles from home. George told his girlfriend the dog had escaped from the couple’s fenced-in yard. Rocky eventually was found close to a rail yard where George usually parks his truck at the end of each work day. Afterward, the woman took Rocky to the veterinarian, where he was found to have subcutaneous emphysema and a deep puncture wound in his head, but no abrasions on his paws that would indicate a five-mile run from home.

The woman did not know at the time that 10 years earlier, George had been convicted of animal cruelty for fatally kicking three puppies belonging to another girlfriend. In that case, George told a judge that he had taken out his problems at work and in his relationship on the animals.

Reading from a victim-impact statement on Thursday, Rocky’s owner said she now realizes that George was doing the same thing to her dog: hurting Rocky because he could not cope with problems in their home life.

“I guess in the end, Rocky saved us,” she said, referring to herself and her children. “He took the beatings that were meant for us.”

Her children, she added, “suffered a great deal because of what the defendant did to our dog. They ask me to this day if Rocky blames us for what the defendant did.”

Rocky’s owner told Bateman she was “dumbfounded” that George was pleading no contest instead of guilty to the charges. At the same time, she said, she wants George to undergo the mental health treatment he needs to take responsibility for his crimes and to keep him from victimizing another animal.

“My biggest concern right now isn’t Rocky. He is safe with me and back to himself. My concern is for the next dog or animal he comes in contact with,” she said. “Christopher George needs help.”

For that reason, she said, house arrest for George would be appropriate. “I realize he won’t get that help in jail. So I’m okay with house arrest.”

Bateman called the woman’s statement “considerate” and “very generous,” and ordered that its detailed description of the abuse Rocky suffered be given to any mental health professionals who treat George.

Bateman ordered a psychological evaluation as part of George’s sentence, along with 100 hours of community service and five years of probation after his jail term is complete. He also ordered George to have not contact with his former girlfriend and her family, or with any animals.

The case was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Jonathan Long.

Approved for release by Michele Kelly Walsh, Deputy District Attorney.



  1. 74 Dawn 29 Jan
    It sickens me he could get house arrest again instead of jail time. I know the extent if his horrific mind, I lived through it while he was awaiting trial in 2002. Stalking me after the police were notified. 
    Jail would be the the proper punishment for him and therapy afterwards. He did not learn from his 1st conviction with house arrest and therapy.  He was even able to work during house arrest. It was a get out of jail free card.
    The pain and mental damage he has caused my children and myself haunts us today. We have to live with the fact we were living with a strange that acted kind to us and then beat our pets when we weren't home. And he had the nerve to make the statement, " he couldn't deal with the problems at home." That statement was a complete surprise to me and my children as we were not aware of any problems. It was a lie to attempt to provide an excuse for actions. Through truth discovered afterwards was he was doing cocaine and having an affair with his ex girlfriend Noreen. Again, this was discovered after he was arrested.
    Christopher George is a dangerous person, he is the sociopath next door. He deserves a jail sentence. 
  2. 73 Tammy 30 Jan
    This poor dog and other past dogs have suffered tremendously at the hands of this man, he will continue to hurt other a imald and eventually humans.... he needs a real punishment and to never be allowed near animals again... my God these animal abuse laws are not harsh enough, please toughen the laws so this abuse stops, we are the animals voice and he suffered in silence
  3. 72 Lois Wisler 30 Jan
    Christopher George got a slap on the wrist! This totally disgusts me! WE NEED HARSHER FEDERAL LAWS especially for REPEAT OFFENDERS! How many more dogs have to fall victim to this killer?
  4. 71 Dawn 31 Jan
    I can only pray that he will not be approved for house arrest as he did that in 2003, was allowed to work too. He is truck driver, he had his freedom to do whatever he wanted. House arrest was a joke to him. The pain my children and myself suffer from his 1st conviction of killings our puppies see haunts us to this day. To be so clever to never do it in front of us and when the animal was injured he PAID the vet bills acting as though he was caring why the puppies were ill. Over $6,000.00 is vet care. Vets did the congenital defects, rule out cancer. I requested an autopsy snd that when I found it, it was Christopher George. I immediately changed the locks and contact the police. 
    He then began to stalk me, finally getting me outside my home, dragged me in the house blacken my eye and strangled me. I feared for my children's safety and mine. I did not testify out of fear and move away. 
    I commend Donna Anderson for giving a victims statement. 
    Christopher George needs jail time. He is a sociopath and should be in a cell to think about what he has done twice about the lives he has taken and the people he has hurt. 
    House arrest is not acceptable!!! 
  5. 70 Greg Orta 31 Jan
    What the hell judge federal offense for this a slap on the wrist really why don't you let killers go on house arrest. Its time this ass of a judge is removed from his duty of help crimanls 
  6. 69 Dorothu 31 Jan
    I really think the sentence should have been longer given this was not his first time abusing an animal. These guys who do think don't learn easily and they laugh at a fine or light sentence, thinking they got one over the judge. Animal abuse is the same as domestic abuse, the guy doing the actual abuse feels the dog or the person deserved whatever he is doing to them. This guy will be doing this same thing later on and maybe next time he will actually kill the animal or maybe it will be a person he takes his anger out on.  I just wish the judge had been more harsh.  Wonder how his fellow prisoner's feel about people who abuse dogs????? This judge needs to get a reality check on animal abuse and how this light sentence was not the correct one.
  7. 68 dorpmuller 01 Feb
    This is a joke... this guy needs to be shot,  period. 
  8. 67 Chrisgeorge sucks 03 Feb
    This pos didn't get approved for house arrest and he's being a pussy and crying to the judge tomorrow morning. He will be cuffed and in his jail garb like the scum he is. He's a coward. Rockys mom is a brave woman standing up to this scum bag. hope the judge tells him too bad sit your ass behind bars and then let's have big bubba make him his bitch. He needs to sit in a cage and have someone break his ribs. There's a special place in hell for aholes like him. 
  9. 66 Dawn 04 Feb
    Praying Christopher George gets his full sentence and NO house arrest! In 2003, he had house arrest, that obviously didn't work. He needs jail time, the fear of God put in him, not community service. Let him sit in a cell for 2 years. Let him get kicked and punch like he did to all those dogs and puppies. He hurt so many people with actions, children crying over their beloved pets. 
    Please Judge Bateman, no house arrest! 
  10. 65 ChrisGeorgeisadogkiller 04 Feb
    Yes, he is Still sitting in bucks county prison,  check bucks county inmate look up! 
  11. 64 Dawn 05 Feb
    What the... now Christopher George wants to withdraw his plea deal because he was denied house arrest! He should be denied and sitting in jail for his crime due to the  nature of his crime. He is a dog killer! He got a slap on the wrist in 2003 and he thinks he can do it again and have the luxury of sitting his time at home! Heck NO!  
    I don't care how well he scored on his assessment., that's what a sociopath does, tricks people to believing he's normal.  
    He manipulates the system, that's why he took the plea deal, admission they have enough evidence to prove he's guilty but he's doesn't admit guilt!
    Judge Bateman and the DA, PLEASE SEE THROUGH HIS NONSENSE! 
  12. 63 rose 05 Feb
    This guy needs to be put I jail to learn a lesson ..he"all just do it again.
  13. 62 Lauea Maier 05 Feb
    Please give this man a long jail sentence. It is terrible what he was secretly doing to this dog. He will continue to abuse animals. 
  14. 61 Lizz Fulks 06 Feb
    House arrest is a slap on the wrist. If he had been held accountable, really accountable for his actions the other time, I bet it would not have happen again. He doesn't have problems with handling life or personal problems. He enjoys inflicting pain on animals. End of story. There is no treatment for him. There is no help he can receive to change his behavior. Some people are just born this way, it is in their DNA makeup. No changing. I feel so sorry for the next animal he comes in contact with, it might just be a stray he sees on the side of the road. NO animal is safe from him!!
  15. 60 Robin 09 Feb
    What is the update on this ?  Is this going to trial?  Did the judge make a decision?
  16. 59 Dawn 11 Feb
    Check out the petition. 
  17. 58 Dawn 11 Feb
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