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Man Gets 13.5 to 27 Years for Shooting Girlfriend in the Leg

May 5, 2017

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Jayvon Lassiter-Morris
Jayvon Lassiter-Morris

A Bucks County judge sent a Philadelphia man to prison for 13 ½ to 27 years this week for shooting his girlfriend with a gun he shouldn’t have had.

Over the defendant’s denials, Judge Diane E. Gibbons imposed the sentence on Jayvon Lassiter-Morris, 25, who shot his girlfriend, Gabrielle Moore, through the thigh at her Bensalem home on April 10, 2016. A jury convicted him in January of aggravated assault, possessing a firearm without a license and several related crimes.

 “I didn’t shoot no one,” Lassiter-Morris complained before sheriff’s deputies led him away.

The victim told police that Lassiter-Morris taunted and argued with her on the day of the shooting, held her captive for several hours in her bedroom, and repeatedly pointed his gun at her, saying “pop, pop, pop.” When Moore tried to leave, he shot her.

Moore cried out for her father, who pushed Lassiter-Morris out of their house and called Bensalem police. Officers caught Lassiter-Morris within minutes of the shooting, walking toward Old Lincoln Highway with a loaded, .22-caliber semiautomatic pistol hidden under his jeans.

The gun was reported stolen in a Philadelphia burglary, police said. Officers also learned that Lassiter-Morris was a convicted felon, having served time for a robbery in Philadelphia.

Moore and Lassiter-Morris met in 2015 at the Montgomery County Prison, where she worked in the medical unit while he was a prisoner. He had been paroled only a few weeks before the shooting, and Moore said he had assaulted and pointed the gun at her prior to the day of the shooting.

Assistant District Attorney Megan K. Stricker won a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 to 20 years on the aggravated assault by invoking Pennsylvania’s second-strike law for repeat violent offenders.

Gibbons tacked on another three and one-half to seven years on the firearms charge.

“This defendant has shown absolutely no remorse,” Stricker said in court. “He denies the shooting. He denies possessing the handgun. He says the officers are liars.

“The community isn’t safe with this young man in it,” she said.

Defense attorney Michael Lacson told Gibbons that Lassiter-Morris has a history of mental illness, and asked her to consider it when sentencing him.

“I apologize for everything that is going on right now and that’s it,” the defendant said, refusing to acknowledge his crimes.

Gibbons said that despite Lassiter-Morris’s difficult upbringing, he has had many opportunities within the juvenile and adult court systems to change his life. She said he has faked some symptoms of mental illness and has refused to go to treatment for his legitimate problems.

“You are an adult in our society who is acting like a child, except you are a violent child,” Gibbons said. “A violent child who has decided to arm himself.”

Lassiter-Morris still faces witness-intimidation charges, accused of trying to persuade Moore not to testify against him at his January trial.

Moore, who attended the sentencing but did not speak, wrote in a victim-impact statement that she felt angry at Lassiter-Morris for hurting her, sad that she lost “a good friend,” and guilty that she “couldn’t help him through the mental state he was in” when the shooting occurred.

“She gave you everything, and your response was to shoot her,” Gibbons told Lassiter-Morris. “…The best thing for her is to move on and find someone who is not going to hurt her, intimidate her and threaten her.”

Approved for release by Daniel B. Sweeney, Chief of Prosecution.

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