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Man Gets 5 to 10 Years for Threatening Four People at Gunpoint

September 19, 2017

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Iridious Jones
       Iridious Jones

A mentally troubled Bristol Township man who pointed a loaded handgun at four Bensalem residents he mistakenly believed had stolen his motorcycle was sentenced today to serve five to 10 years in state prison.

“There are no words to describe how sorry I am,” Iridious Jones, 38, told Bucks County Common Pleas Court Judge Diane E. Gibbons before being sentenced. “I’ve introduced trauma into the lives of four people and I can’t find words to say how sorry I am for that.”

On Jan. 26, Jones had filed a report with Bristol Township Police that his 2012 Honda motorcycle had been stolen from the parking lot of the Levittown Trace Apartments, where he lived.

Jones told police that the motorcycle had a GPS tracking device on it that suggested it was in the 3200 block of Clive Avenue in Bensalem.

After police checked that location and found no motorcycle, court records say, Jones took things into his own hands. He forced his way into the home of one couple on that block, held a man by his neck against a wall and yelled repeatedly, “Where is my motorcycle?”

When the man said he didn’t have Jones’ motorcycle, Jones pulled out a semi-automatic handgun, which he is licensed to carry, pointing it first at the man’s head and then at his girlfriend. Jones demanded the woman’s cell phone and left with it.

Jones then went next door, where he confronted another couple in their backyard. He fled after again demanding his motorcycle and pointing his gun threateningly.

Police later recovered Jones’ stolen motorcycle in the area and arrested a suspect, but the residents he confronted had nothing to do with the theft.

“What you have taken from these individuals is the illusion that they are safe” in their own homes, Gibbons told Jones.

“When you were there, you had to see the horror on their faces, the fear. You had to know that you were terrorizing them,” the judge continued. “These are innocent people … all over a stolen motorcycle.”

Jones pleaded guilty on May 31 to charges including robbery, burglary and simple assault.

Jones told Gibbons that he takes mood-stabilizing medications, has been in therapy for bipolar disorder and has attempted suicide twice: once while serving in the military and once in prison.

Friends, family members, his attorney and a presentence investigation painted a picture of an intelligent, hard-working man buffeted by episodes of anger and despair.

They said Jones had been sexually abused as a child, removed from school for disruptive behavior, and had been forced to leave the military because of “suicidal” and “homicidal” tendencies. Back home, they said, he was victimized by a longtime girlfriend’s infidelity, the recent loss of a 10-year technology job and the successive thefts of two motorcycles, his only means of transportation.

“He was someone who was absolutely at his wit’s end and he didn’t have good coping skills,” defense attorney Jason Rubinstein said.

Deputy District Attorney Kristin M. McElroy asked Gibbons to “consider the victims and that they can no longer feel safe and secure in their own homes” because of Jones.

Gibbons, saying that Jones should have gotten himself mental health treatment long ago, sentenced him to four consecutive one- to two-year sentences for simple assault, a consecutive one- to two-year sentence for robbery, and 10 years of consecutive probation.

The judge recommended that Jones be allowed to serve his sentence in a therapeutic prison community.

The case was investigated by Bensalem Township Police and prosecuted by McElroy and Assistant District Attorney Megan K. Stricker.

Approved for release by Antonetta Stancu, Deputy District Attorney.

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