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Row Officers

Recorder of Deeds

Historical Information

Ownership of a property can be traced by looking at the Recital or "Being Clause" which is found after the legal description in a deed. The Recital will list the name of the persons who sold the property to the persons that sold the property to the current owner, as well as the Deed Book and page number where the transaction can be found. You can continue the process, Deed Book to Deed Book, back to the original owners.

It is difficult to determine the age of the house, or any buildings on a property strictly by looking at a deed. A deed is for land, not the buildings on the land, and may simply state, "and the buildings thereon," or it may state nothing about buildings at all. Looking up the architectural style may help you determine the time period it was built.

Genealogy searches can also be done by checking past deeds and mortgages. By checking the index books to see if their name appears in either the deed or mortgage books back over the years, you can determine if relatives lived in Bucks County years ago.

Bucks County Office of Recorder of Deeds
Robin Robinson, Recorder of Deeds
Kristin Nielsen, 1st Deputy
Dianne C. Magee, Solicitor

Bucks County Courthouse
55 East Court St, 6th Floor (New Location)
Doylestown, PA 18901
Phone: 215-348-6209