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Bureau of Environmental Health

On-site Sewage Disposal Facilities

Genevie A. Kostick, B.S., S.E.O., Program Coordinator

On-site Sewage Disposal Facilities 
The Department administers the On-site Sewage Program through its "Rules and Regulations Governing Individual and Community On-Lot Sewage Disposal Systems" which are available in Health Department District Offices, or through the link below. This is the ADM-71 2019 Fee Schedule
 that takes effect January 1, 2018

On-site permits and inspections
The Department permits on-site sewage facilities (septic systems), proposed/repaired systems, including spray irrigation systems, drip irrigation, holding tanks, alternate, and experimental systems which qualify under
PA Code, Title 25, Chapter 73.

Requests for on-site inspection for a new system (SA-52 Request Field Investigation for On-Lot Sewage Disposal), a repair or malfunction (SA-53 On Site Sewage Repair) can be made by obtaining and completing the appropriate request form and submitting the corresponding fee.

Requests for holding tank permits are made at District Offices by filing the form "Holding Tank Agreement" (form SA-56)", and "Agreement for Temporary Holding Tank Approval" (form SA-57).

New owners of structures may need to complete an "Application for Transfer of On-Site Sewage Disposal System Permit" (form SA-51).

Repair of On-site-Sewage Disposal Facilities

The Department provides assistance to property owners for the diagnosis and repair of malfunctioning on-lot systems. Request assistance by completing the form "On-Site Sewage Disposal Repair Form" (SA-53 On Site Sewage Repair) with the accompanying fee.

The Department responds to written complaints of malfunctioning on-site sewage systems. All Environmental Complaints must be in writing.

Licensure of Sewage Pumping and Disposal Vehicles
The Department licenses all sewage disposal vehicles for pumping and transporting sewage within Bucks County. These procedures are reported in "Section Five - Licensing of Sewage Transportation Vehicles, Pumping and/or transporting of Sewage Waste materials" which is included in the Department's "Rules and Regulations Governing Individual and Community On-Lot Sewage Disposal Systems".

An application for a Sewage Disposal License requires completing the form "Application for Licensing of Sewage Transportation Vehicles Pumping, Hauling or Transportation of Liquid or Solid Sewage Waste Materials" (SA-20 Application for Licensing of Sewage Transporation Vehicle), for each sewage-hauling vehicle must be filled each year. The form needs to be received by the Main Office of the Department in Doylestown before the end of August of each summer. The appropriate fee is listed on form "On-site Sewage Disposal Fee Schedule" (ADM-71 Fee Schedule 2018  ). An inspection will be scheduled for the vehicles in Doylestown, Quakertown, or at the GROWS Landfill in Falls Township, usually during the month of September.

Approved Hauler List 2018-2019

2018 On-Lot Sewage Rules and Regs

SA-59 Requesting a Field Evaluation

SA-61 Sewage Confirmation Form