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Thanksgiving Holiday Week Only Visits
These Visits are Now Virtual

Sign Up Genius Thanksgiving Week Visits

Once in Sign Up Genius, Click on the tab at top for the correct unit!
Please note each resident will receive one (1) visitation time slot only for the Thanksgiving visits

Neshaminy Manor Staff Video - #WeAreNMStrong

Thank You To Our Neshaminy Manor Staff for Staying Strong during this Pandemic and doing its very best, under difficult and tragic circumstances, to serve and provide our residents with the quality of care that they so richly deserve. Watch the #WeAreNMStrong video to view some of our unsung heroes.

Attention Family of D1 Residents:

Sign Up Genius, Sign Up Button for D1 Unit Residents Only

D1 Visitations

Neshaminy Manor will facilitate scheduled indoor visitations to support the emotional and psychosocial-well-being for residents, while maintaining the health, wellness, and safety of all. 

There will be a designated area on the D1 Unit that will be used for visits. Each visit will be about a half hour. Only 2 visitors are allowed on site for the visitation.

Please note: We are trying to accommodate visitations for every resident. Please keep in mind that if there is a family who has not had a first visit, we may ask you to reschedule your visitation. There should only be one account per resident, and it should be created by the POA.

We ask that all visitors come wearing their own mask. Masks must be worn at all times throughout the duration of the visit.

All visitors will be required to sign in with a staff member where they will have their temperature taken, sign an attestation form, and sign a form indicating that you understand the rules.

More information can be found on the Sign up page New Slots will be available every Thursday/Friday.


Health Services Division


Health Services

Neshaminy Manor Long Term Care Facility

 Admission's Application - Notice of Privacy Practices - Recreation Department News - Credit Card Payments

Sign Up Genius, Sign Up NowCoronavirus (COVID-19) Update: In the spirit of federal transparency guidelines issued recently, Neshaminy Manor will issue a weekly update on residents and staff affected by COVID-19.

Visitation Information:
Check Thursdays/Fridays for slots to open for the following week.
How to Create a Sign Up Genius Account
Schedule Visit: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/904044aa9af22a4fd0-visitors 

Interim Guidance for Skilled Nursing Facilities COVID-19

The Pennsylvania Department of Health issued a 12 page document called "Interim Guidance for Skilled Nursing Facilities During COVID-19." This document also contains reopening guidance that occurs in a 3 step process. This starts on Section 6 of the document. Please note that we are also following CMS and CDC relevant guidelines.

Neshaminy Manor Reopening Plan Document
Update as of 11/18/20
A Message from Neshaminy Manor 

Indoor Visitation is discontinued at this time related to guidance from PA Department of Health and Centers for Medicare Services.

We will continue to send out the sign up genius on Thursdays at 2 pm for scheduling of our Face Time/  Just talk Visits.  Please keep in mind we have over 330 residents to schedule video times with their families.  We need to keep the video calls to a maximum of ten minutes a call once a week per resident . We will continue to evaluate our process as we adapt to the changes of the situation in our facility.

The Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule will remain the same in regards to the days assigned per unit.  We will follow the same schedule for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday . Please assure you are available for a face time/ just talk call during your scheduled time. Over the next few days a staff member will be reaching out to you to assure we have the correct information to conduct the Holiday Video Calls.

We did lock the sign up genius until we had a plan in place for the holiday. Sign up will now be open to allow families to sign up for their video calls.

Wednesday  11/25/2020  A2 and C1 
Thursday  11/26/2020  A1 and A0 
Friday  11/27/2020  C2 and D1 



Please see the SignUpGenius splash page as we added some of the specifics for the visitation so you know what to expect.

Thank you to all for your understanding as we work to bring the residents a piece of normalcy during this pandemic.

104  Number of residents inhouse who have tested positive for Covid-19. (total) 
100  Number of inhouse residents who have recovered from Covid-19. 
Residents have exhibited respiratory symptoms within 72 hours and are being followed 
71  Number of staff who have tested positive for Covid-19 
70  Number of staff who have recovered from Covid-19 
1   Number of staff being followed by the Bucks County Health Department. 
Staff have exhibited respiratory symptoms within 72 hours and are being followed  
60  We are sad to report this number of residents testing positive for Covid-19 have died.  (number is not included in the totals above).
15  Of the COVID-positive residents reported above had already RECOVERED from the virus at the time of their passing 
Please know that we are doing everything we can to limit the spread of Covid-19 within our facility by:

1. Monitoring all employees and healthcare personnel for symptoms of respiratory illness every day prior to starting their shift;
2. Use of personal protective equipment (PPE) (e.g., wearing masks, face shields, eye protection, gowns, gloves)
3. Monitoring for respiratory symptoms and illness in our residents every day.
4. Implementing enhanced cleaning schedules.
5. Developed a cohorting plan of residents according to CDC recommendations in collaboration with the Bucks Count Health Department.
6. In order to keep everyone safe and healthy, we have been instructed to make some room changes to allow us to have a designated unit for residents who test positive for Covid-19. You will be notified if this will affect your loved one.

Neshaminy Manor continues to take aggressive measures to limit the spread of COVID-19, including taking temperatures and monitoring for symptoms three times per day; requiring staff to wear protective items including masks, face shields, eyewear, gowns and gloves; performing enhanced cleaning; and reviewing all new federal guidelines pertaining to this constantly changing pandemic.  

Due to the COVID-19 Virus, Neshaminy Manor continues to be closed to all visitors, except those scheduled for neutral zone visitation. There are no entertainers, volunteers, etc. allowed at this time. Visitors will be permitted on an approved individual basis for end-of-life visitation. Thank you for your understanding.


The Bucks County Board of Commissioners officially opened this "State of the Art" Long Term Care Nursing Home April 30, 2000.

Neshaminy Manor Images
(click to enlarge photographs)

Lobby Area

Lobby Seating

Resident Room

Outside Commons Area

Therapy Room

Resident Commons Area

Neshaminy Manor is a non-profit nursing home funded in part by the taxpayers of Bucks County, and the Federal and State governments. The 360 bed sub-acute/skilled care facility providing short term and long term care is located south of Almshouse Road on Route 611 (Easton Road) in Warrington (Doylestown Township), in the heart of scenic Bucks County Pennsylvania.

Neshaminy Manor operates under the regulations of the Long Term Care Division of the Pennsylvania Department of Health. Many individuals of our nursing staff hold certification specifically in the field of Geriatric Nursing.  Neshaminy Manor provides ongoing education and coordinated training for continuous improvement of clinical skills.

Neshaminy Manor accepts most insurances, private-pay, Medicare and medical assistance eligible residents upon certification that nursing care is appropriate. The facility provides continuous physical, emotional and spiritual support for its residents. All current laws, rules, and regulations governing operations are strictly adhered to, while providing and protecting the health, welfare and safety of each individual resident.

For more information on events and activities scheduled at Neshaminy Manor, please see the Recreation Department News Page.

Credit Card Payments
Neshaminy Manor is pleased to inform you we are now accepting credit card payments* 

Mastercard and Discover Only
(at this time)
You may also make a payment by ACH or e-check**

Payments Now Accepted Online
*2.75 % Service Fee for all Credit Card Payments (minimum of $1.00) ** $1.50 Service Fee for all e-check/ACH Transactions

For additional information:
(Admissions policies and requirements, or to schedule a tour of this facility)
Admissions Coordinator: 215-345-3220

For employment opportunities:
Contact the Department of Human Resources: 215-345-3216

Download an admissions application
(Requires Adobe Acrobat )

 Download Notice of Privacy Practices

Neshaminy Manor 
1660 Easton Road 
Warrington, PA. 18976 
Phone: 215-345-3205 
Marjorie Ziegler, RN, BSN, NHA, Administrator