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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Office of the Bucks County District Attorney

Bucks County Detectives

Chief of County Detectives: Martin F. McDonough

The Bucks County Detectives are employed by the District Attorney's Office. They are certified police officers in Pennsylvania and all have years of municipal police experience.

County Detectives assist the local municipal police departments in Bucks County with major crimes investigations including sex crimes, narcotics, white-collar financial crime, computer crime, and homicides. They investigate many other types of crimes including political corruption, complaints against municipal police, and police related shooting incidents. They also assist the members of the DA's office with preparing cases for court.

The Bucks County Detectives are the law enforcement officers in Bucks County that are authorized by the District Attorney to conduct wiretap investigations. They conduct polygraph examinations and maintain the Bucks County Drug Forfeiture Fund, which finances narcotics investigations for municipal police agencies. They also provide expert testimony in narcotics cases for preliminary hearings at the District Justice level and trials and other court proceedings at the Common Pleas Court level.

County Detectives work joint investigations with federal, state and other local agencies and assist any law enforcement agency from outside Bucks County when the case involves jurisdiction in this county.

The Bucks County Detectives also maintain and continue to investigate a number of unsolved homicide cases that have occurred in Bucks County. In Pennsylvania there is no statute of limitations on the charge of homicide. Therefore, these cases are never closed. Anyone with information about any of these unsolved cases or any other criminal activity is requested to contact us at 215-348-6354.

Office of the District Attorney
Bucks County Justice Center
100 N. Main Street
Doylestown, PA 18901 
Phone: 215-348-6344 
Fax: 215-348-6299

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