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2012 News

Bucks County Dow Chemical Fire Status Update 2

May 16, 2012

Bucks County Dow Chemical Fire Status Update 2

Please see the Release, "Bucks County Dow Chemical Fire Clean-Up," for the latest information. Thank you

Early this morning, lightning struck two tanks at Dow Chemical Company in Bristol Borough resulting in a fire and chemical vapors being released into the air. The fire has been extinguished, and the vapors from the two chemicals Ethyl Acrylate and Butyl Acrylate, are clearing from the air. Cleanup is currently underway.

As of 11:45 am, Haz-Mat and EMS personnel have left the scene. Cleanup is being conducted by Dow Chemical. At this point, vapors in the air are at a minimum.

All area residents are advised they may resume normal activities at this time; but should continue to monitor the situation for any changes.

The County will continue to provide updates as available.