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Robert G. Loughery Sworn In As Bucks County Commissioner During Mid-Day Ceremony

February 4, 2011

Robert G. Loughery Sworn In As Bucks County Commissioner During Mid-Day Ceremony

2011 Board of CommissionersBefore a packed Bucks County Courthouse Courtroom #1 that included 12 members of the Court of Common Pleas of Bucks County, Bedminster Township resident Robert G. Loughery took the oath of office of commissioner from the Honorable Rea Boylan February 3. Commissioner Loughery joins a three-member board that consists of Chairman Charles H. Martin and Commissioner Diane M. Ellis-Marseglia, LCSW. He was appointed January 25 by the Court of Common Pleas judges to fill out the unexpired term of former Commissioner James F. Cawley, Esq., who became lieutenant governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania last month.

“I have been telling people over the past week or so that I am deeply honored – and I mean it – to be considered for this position and to serve out the rest of Lt. Governor Cawley’s term,” Commissioner Loughery began his remarks after joining his family, which includes wife, Kathy, and daughters, Grace, Evelyn and Amelia, to recite the oath of office. “I intend to serve and lead from this position with dignity and integrity, as well as with vigor.”

Commissioner Loughery and his FamilyCommissioner Loughery thanked former Congressman Jim Greenwood for his mentorship, a relationship that spans more than 20 years, or since the new commissioner was a student at Dickinson College. “I love this county. I drove every inch of it for a long time with Jim Greenwood, and when you do that, you get to know a lot about the county and its people.”

Former Congressman Greenwood was on hand to help welcome Commissioner Loughery, sharing stories about their time together during the early 1990’s and beyond. “We are about to swear in a county commissioner who will serve us with intelligence and with the greatest degree of integrity one could imagine,” the former congressman told the audience.

Commissioners Martin and Ellis-Marseglia welcomed the new commissioner to the “Bucks County family.” During his remarks, Chairman Martin stated: “Robert G. Loughery joins our board at a pivotal time in Bucks County’s 329-year history. Commissioner Loughery comes to this post with a keen understanding of the challenges and opportunities that confront us today. Indeed, with change comes great opportunity.”

The Hon. Clyde W. Waite offered remarks on behalf of the judges. He worked with Commissioner Loughery on the Enterprise Zone board, in which role they helped bring more than $3 million to the county for brownfields development. “He (Loughery) understands the interactions of the various levels of government. I am very happy to speak for my colleagues in welcoming Rob Loughery.”

Former Congressman Greenwood speaking as the Commissioners look on.The new commissioner comes to county service with a strong business background, which includes work for the Bucks County Redevelopment Authority and the Bucks County Economic Development Corporation. “Nearly 12 years ago, I started my own business, Keystone Redevelopment Group, where until a few days ago I served as managing director. [The business] focuses on the redevelopment of large industrial sites and the development and construction of high-tech facilities. We have negotiated deals with Fortune 500 companies and multi-million dollar international companies and have assisted in creating new high-tech jobs.”

Commissioner Loughery pledged to make the transition from business to government stewardship in a seamless, publicly open manner. “Public office is a public trust, so over the coming weeks, I will, of course, be transitioning from my day-to-day management in [Keystone Redevelopment Group], in a way that is fair both to my partners and to those who have invested in our enterprise and transparent to the taxpayers whom I have now been called to serve.”

The ceremony began with an invocation from Pastor Jeff Supp of Calvary Church in Souderton, who asked for the new commissioner to be blessed “with strong relationships with his colleagues, his staff and the people he serves … as he walks this road of great responsibility.”

Lieutenant Governor Cawley could not attend, but sent a letter that read: “I congratulate you on your appointment to the Bucks County Board of Commissioners. I know you will make a great leader for Bucks County.” Lt. Gov. Cawley urged Commissioner Loughery to “govern wisely and govern well.”

Commissioner Loughery closed by accepting Chairman Martin’s charge to lead county initiatives on economic development.

“We can’t afford to lose businesses and we can’t afford to miss opportunities in the area of economic development and job creation,” Commissioner Loughery added as he wound down his first speech as a member of the board. “We don’t need home runs, we need singles and doubles … we need to keep every business we have and help them grow; and, in doing that, we will attract new ones. I am eager to put to work my experience and leadership in this important area of our county and, hopefully, make a difference that benefits our communities.”

For a complete audio account of Commissioner Loughery’s swearing in and his official biography, please visit www.BucksCounty.org and click on his name at the top left of the home page.