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2014 News

Commissioners Join VFW Post 175 Officials to Break Ground for Bucks County Global War on Terror Memorial

March 24, 2014

Getting ready to shovel the first dirt at the Global War on Terror A long-anticipated milestone in the construction of the Bucks County Global War on Terror Memorial took place on the morning of Monday, March 24 in the Courthouse Memorial Courtyard. County Commissioner Charles H. Martin joined Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 175 Commander Rich Scott and Memorial Fundraising Chair Ed Lopez to put shovel to earth on the site of the Memorial, which will honor 21 Bucks County heroes lost in the line of duty since 2001.

 As welders forged some of the metal pieces that will form the ornate Memorial in the background, Commander Scott thanked the collaboration of donors who have raised more than $150,000 for the project. He called it the biggest project in the history of the Doylestown-based VFW Post 175, reminding attendees that a dedication ceremony has been scheduled for Friday, May 16 at 2 p.m.

Commissioner Martin with Rich Scott
Commissioner Martin praised VFW Post 175 for its commitment to the Memorial effort, adding that the project enjoys full support from his Commissioner colleagues, Robert G. Loughery, chairman, and Diane M. Ellis-Marseglia. Construction on the project will proceed over the upcoming weeks.

Global War on Terror Honored Heroes
 Mark C. Baum – U.S. Army
 Edward W. Brabazon – U.S. Army
Kurt E. Krout - U.S. Army 
 Robert H. Dembowski – U.S. Army
 Travis L. Manion -U.S. Marine Corps
 Nathaniel E. DeTample – U.S. Army
 Robert T. Mininger – U.S. Marine Corps
 Allen J. Dunckley – U.S. Army
Kenneth B. Elwell – U.S. Army
 Jae S. Moon - U.S. Army
 Brian R. Faunce - US. Army
 Patrick R. Nixon - US me Corps
 William J. Maher, III – U.S. Army    
 Kristofor T. Stonesifer - U.S. Army
 Maurice J. Johnson - U.S. Army 
Shawn M. Suzch - U.S. Army
 Liam Nevins – U.S. Army
 Colby J. Umbrell - U.S. Army
 Eric Shellenberger – U.S. Navy