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2015 News

Bucks County Upgrades Emergency Notification System

June 25, 2015

ReadyBucks Replaces ReadyNotifyPA System with Greater Capability and Flexibility

The Bucks County Division of Emergency Services recently announced the upgrade of its mass emergency notification system. This upgrade – part of a regional contract that also impacts Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties – includes a new identification, ReadyBucks, which replaces the former ReadyNotifyPA brand.

The new ReadyBucks notification system incorporates greater technological capabilities and flexibilities. All Bucks County residents, businesses and organizations are encouraged to register as soon as possible at www.BucksCounty.org/ReadyBucks to receive ongoing emergency alerts.

“As always, our residents’ safety is our top concern as we implement this new system,” stated Board of Commissioners Chairman Robert G. Loughery. “ReadyBucks will be used to notify all subscribers before and during a major emergency. It also will deliver alerts of significance that are selected by residents, such as weather, health, crime and other community notifications.”

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This mass notification system, which is managed by the vendor Everbridge, will allow Bucks County Emergency Services to contact thousands of residents and business in a matter of seconds, perhaps at times when those seconds are crucial. Subscribers have the ability to opt in and opt out at any time for the types of alerts they want. The key, however, is they must register to participate.

ReadyBucks offers the flexibility for residents to choose the type of information they want to receive, ranging from severe weather information to road closures. The system also can note any functional and access needs information that would be important to first responders in the event of an emergency. Specific municipality information – notifications and news for residents in any of Bucks County’s 54 municipalities – can also be requested by residents when they sign up for the service.

In addition to the County and municipal levels, multiple school districts within Bucks are exploring the use of ReadyBucks as a notification tool for winter weather delays and closures.

“Through the implementation of the ReadyBucks system, we remain committed to ensuring public safety through community awareness and emergency response,” stated Scott T. Forster, director of the Bucks County Emergency Services Division. “When critical information and public service announcements become available, we need to be able to reach as many of our residents as possible quickly and reliably.”

Mr. Forster encourages municipal first responders and officials to encourage their residents to sign up for ReadyBucks. The goal of the notification tool is to remind everyone that “Timely information saves lives.”

One of the big advantages of the new ReadyBucks system is the option to add one or more ways to receive an alert. This is a nod to the times and the flexibility of text messaging, e-mail and other communication methods. By adding different options to the registration, the message will be sent to each of them in a pre-selected order. If a message is not confirmed after it is received, ReadyBucks will move on to the second choice for delivery – in the recipient’s preferred order.

Subscribers to Bucks County’s previous notification system, ReadyNotifyPA, have received instructions about how to register on ReadyBucks. The success of the Ready Bucks system relies on having the latest contact information so that public safety officials can send crucial information in an emergency.

ReadyBucks - the new Bucks County Emergency Notification System