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2017 News

Commissioners Approve Contract to Complete Conceptual Design of New Women’s Corrections Center in Doylestown

August 16, 2017

During the August 16, 2017 meeting of the Board of Bucks County Commissioners, members Charles H. Martin, chairman, Robert G. Loughery and Diane M. Ellis-Marseglia took a significant step forward in addressing the future of the Bucks County Department of Corrections.

Acting on the recommendations of the Bucks County Prison Oversight Board and its Long-Range Planning Committee, the commissioners unanimously approved an $812,861 contract increase with USA Architects, Planners & Interior Designers, P.A. of Easton, PA to complete the conceptual design of a new Women’s Corrections Center within the secure perimeter of the main prison (Bucks County Correctional Facility).

“We explored many options over the past several years, and this is the one we have chosen,” Commission Loughery said, speaking on half of the Long-Range Planning Committee.

According to County Director of Corrections Chris Pirolli, the new unit will include 300 beds designated for female offenders. The project is slated to begin during spring 2018 with anticipated completion by 2020. The construction also will allow the Department of Corrections to add 90 medium security beds and other security enhancements at the current Men’s Community Corrections Center.

During recent months, the population of inmates at the BCCF and at other locations has reached all-time highs. The County spent more than $400,000 during July, 2017 on more than 200 inmates who were housed at facilities like Hoffman Hall, Kintock, the Montgomery County Correctional facilities and others.

The goal of the USA Architects contract is to increase the bed count at the BCCF and bring many of those inmates who are currently at other locations back to the Doylestown Corrections campus.