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2018 News

Gov. Tom Wolf Appoints Bucks County Commissioner Chairman Robert G. Loughery to Governor's Invasive Species Council

February 16, 2018

In a letter dated Friday, February 9, 2018, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf appointed Bucks County Commissioner Chairman Robert G. Loughery to the Governor’s Invasive Species Council.

“It is with pleasure that I appoint you as a member,” Gov. Wolf wrote.

Chairman Loughery will receive his commission and oath of office from the Department of State, and that commission will memorialize the appointment. His appointment fills the newly-created county seat on this Council.

The Council’s work encompasses all invasive species (plant, insect and animal), but the new seat is in part in response to the recent appearance of the Spotted Lanternfly, which at first was found in Berks County but has spread throughout the southeast portion of the Commonwealth. Bucks County was one of the early quarantine counties. Information about the Spotted Lanternfly and the current quarantine alert is available on the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture website (www.agriculture.pa.gov).

Chairman Loughery, who is serving his sixth year as chair of the Board of Commissioners, is also the board’s representative to the Bucks County Conservation District (BCCD) for the eighth straight year.

The Governor’s Invasive Species Council meets quarterly in the Harrisburg area. The Council is a multi-agency advisory panel made up of seven state agencies and non-governmental agencies with the common purpose of identifying invasive species of concern that currently or could potentially threaten the Commonwealth's natural and agricultural resources and the industries they support.