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2018 News

Neshaminy Manor Residents Donate Handmade Afghan to Homeless

July 9, 2018

Seniors at Neshaminy Manor donated an afghan they made collaboratively to the Synergy Project to comfort a homeless teen in Bucks County.

As part of life at Neshaminy Manor, the County’s Nursing Home, residents have always been encouraged to participate in the many different activities and programming offered, mainly based on their social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual needs. Staff are reassuring and proud when residents take things a step further and create their own programming and outreach beyond what is offered them on their unit, in the building and out in the community. Thois Kiel and Margaret Yaeger are two brilliant examples of just some of the residents that have shown initiative in crafting their own programs.

An afghan created by Thois Kiel and Margaret Yaeger, residents of Neshaminy Manor, being presented to Robert "Woody" Wood of the Synergy ProjectThois Kiel and Margaret Yaeger, designed their own community outreach project, wanting to help a person in need in Bucks County. Kathy Bates, Director of Activities at Neshaminy Manor, helped Thois start her own knitting and crocheting group by collecting supplies and offering support. Thois and Margaret then created a beautiful red and black afghan collaboratively, by knitting individual squares on their own and then eventually assembling it all together. Heather O’Donnell, Assistant Director of Activities, then facilitated the residents meeting Robert “Woody” Wood of the Synergy Project to help them find a homeless teen to donate to.

When asked how she came up with the idea to make an afghan with another resident for a local homeless person, Thois Kiel responded, “I like to give back to the community. I feel fortunate and blessed with my life. I feel for those without a home”. Margaret Yaeger added, “It was fun doing this project! It kept me busy.”

 Thois Kiel, NM resident who collaborated to donate the Afghan to the Synergy Project
Margaret Yaeger, NM resident who collaborated on the Afghan donated to the Synergy Project 

Thois and Margaret enjoyed presenting the afghan to Robert “Woody” Wood from the Synergy Project for Homeless Teens. Woody discussed with them different circumstances and challenges of homeless teens in Bucks County and how he tries to help. Thois and Margaret then shared with Woody how they created the blanket and their compassion for the homeless.

Woody said, “The Valley Youth House Synergy Project is very thankful for the donation of the afghan for youth on the streets in Bucks County. We are thankful for the thought and time put into the making of the afghan.”

Neshaminy Manor is open to connecting with different communities and groups in Bucks County. If you have an opportunity to connect or volunteer with residents at Neshaminy Manor, please contact Heather O’Donnell, Assistant Director of Activities, at Neshaminy Manor. hmodonnell@buckscounty.org or 215-345-3211.