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2018 News

Recorder of Deeds Initiates Free Fraud Alert System for Residents

January 3, 2019

Contact: Nicole Douglas, 215-348-6210, nmdouglas@buckscounty.org

Bucks County Recorder of Deeds Robin Robinson today announced a new fraud alert system to protect any citizens having documents filed in their name in her office.

Deed fraud – a phenomenon in which someone may forge a property owner’s identity and transfers the property to themselves or another owner – is a growing problem in some areas, especially cities.

While the practice, also known as “house stealing,” has not yet beset Bucks County, Robinson said she decided to be proactive and offer residents a layer of protection with a free service that is being offered for a fee by some security companies.

The protection will extend to all 25 categories of documents that can be filed in the Recorder of Deeds Office, Robinson said.

“I, as the Recorder of Deeds, want all residents of Bucks County to be protected from any fraudulent recordings against them,” Robinson said. “While we are happy to report that this has never occurred in Bucks County to our knowledge, we have heard accounts of this happening in neighboring counties. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office. We are here to help.”

Here’s how it works. A citizen who signs up can list up to six variations of his or her name – e.g. John Smith, John J. Smith, John Joseph Smith, etc. – and will be notified by email or text message when anyone files a document in one of those names with the Bucks County Recorder of Deeds.

Robinson recently recorded a segment on Comcast Newsmakers describing the service and why she chose to offer it: https://comcastnewsmakers.com/Videos/2018/12/14/Fraud-Alert?autoPlay

The alerts will be sent by the office’s recording vendor, Landex. Businesses also are welcome to sign up for this service.

Simply click on this link to register: https://www.landex.com/recordalert/bucks

Robinson said she hopes the free service will go a long way toward helping residents to not fall prey to businesses that offer the same alert service for a substantial fee.

To contact the Bucks County Recorder of Deeds office, please call 215-348-6209 or visit the office’s web page at http://wwwbuckscounty.org/government/RowOfficers/RecorderofDeeds