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Court Administration provides administrative and technical services to the departments which are supervised by the Court. These services are either directed or authorized by the Court; and they are provided in close consultation and cooperation with the department heads who required the services.

The Court Administrator is responsible for assuring that the Court staff carry out the specialized duties which are assigned to them. The Court Administrator is also responsible for overall personnel management and labor relations for the judicial branch, serves as Secretary to the Board of Judges, represents the Court on the Bucks County Building and Space Committee, and is Chairman of the County Records Retention Committee.

Court Administration applies all of its skills and resources to the achievement of departmental goals as defined by law, and in accordance with policy established by the Court. It involves a close working, cooperative relationship, not only between the Court Administrator and Court-supervised departments, but with those County agencies which provide services to the Court, and other County agencies as well.

Office Hours:
8:30 am through 5:00 pm
Monday through Friday
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