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Jury Duty

Jury Selection Commission

The jury selection process in Bucks County was adopted in 1981 featuring the one-day/one trial system. This saves the county thousands of dollars each year in juror costs. The majority of counties in Pennsylvania use the one day-one trial system or a variation thereof.

The compensation for jury service is set by the Pennsylvania Legislature. A Juror receives $9 a day and 17 cents per mile for the first three days of service. On the fourth and subsequent days, a juror is paid $25 a day and 17 cents per mile. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania reimburses the county at the rate of 80 percent of the per diem and mileage beginning with the fourth day of service.

Bucks County schedules 17 jury trial sessions per year. Fifteen of these are for nine days beginning on a Monday and ending Thursday of the following week. Generally, two sessions are for one week beginning on Monday and ending on Friday. However, some years there is only one session for one week.

The county uses a summons mailer, which includes a juror questionnaire that must be returned to the Office of Jury Selection within five days of receipt. There are two types of jurors. Regular jurors have been given a definite date to report for jury duty which is indicated on the front of the summons. Standby jurors are given a toll free telephone number to call to see if their juror number has been selected. There is a recorded message that explains clearly everything required of a standby juror. Standby jurors may also check their numbers online, on the main Jury Duty page.

The selection process is computerized and uses a database of licensed motor vehicle operators merged with the voter registration list for compiling the list of potential jurors. Approximately 35,000 summonses are mailed annually. The Court of Common Pleas of Bucks County has a firm, but fair, policy for excusing jurors. It is applied to all requests, irrespective of one's occupation.

Please know if there is a closing or a delay in opening it will be updated by 6:00 A.M. on our weather hotline at (215) 340-8208.

Office hours:
8:00 am through 4:30 pm
Monday through Friday

President Judge, Chairman
Jeffrey Finley

Clerk to the Commission 
Stephen G. Heckman, Esq.

Bucks County Justice Center
Jury Assembly Room Level B1 
100 N Main Street 
Doylestown, PA 18901 
Patricia Kloenne , Jury Manager 
Phone: 215-348-6702 
Fax: 215-340-8836 
Email: jurymgmt@buckscounty.org