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Administrative Order No. 17 Support Order for Children Under Jurisdiction of Juvenile Probation Department

In consideration of the recommendations contained in the 1983 Audit Report for the Juvenile Probation Department, filed by Maloney, Woerner and Company, the responsibility for collecting, monitoring and enforcing those support orders for children under the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Probation Department is transferred to the Domestic Relations Section of Bucks County. This order shall extend to orders of support entered for children placed in the Bucks County Youth Center, the group homes, with any private or public agencies, and for any special services ordered for any child for which an order for reimbursement to the County of Bucks has or may be entered. All funds so collected shall be credited to the Juvenile Probation Department on the first working day of each month.

This order is effective immediately and applicable to all pending cases The Chief Juvenile Probation Officer is hereby directed to provide to the Domestic Relations Section all files and information necessary to effectuate this transfer.