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Administrative Order No. 39 Acceptance of Bail After Regular Office Hours of District Justices and Common Pleas Judges

It is hereby directed that all court case criminal bails for both Magisterial District Judges and common pleas judges be accepted and posted at the Bucks County Correction Center in accordance with the following procedures:

All posting of bail previously set by either Magisterial District Judges, senior assigned Magisterial District Judges or common pleas judges that occur after hours (that is after regular daytime office hours on weekdays and on weekends or holidays) shall be accepted by a correctional officer deputized by the Clerk of Courts - Criminal Division in the Records Office at the Bucks County Correctional Center.

This order pertains only to all court criminal case bails and not to summary cases such as non-payment of fines and costs.

All after hours Court case criminal bail shall be accepted at Bucks County Correctional Center only at the following specified times:

Weekdays - between the hours of 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.

Holidays and Weekends - 24 hour bail posting at the Correctional Facility

Bail set by Magisterial District Judges will continue to be accepted and posted at the Magisterial District Judge offices and bail set by common pleas judges will continue to be accepted at the Court of Common Pleas, Criminal Division during regular daytime business office hours.

After hours bail monies and accompanying paperwork shall be deposited in the existing drop safe located in the Records Office. Personnel of the Clerk of Courts, Criminal Division or their designee shall pick up the bail monies and paperwork from the drop safe and handle according to their required procedures.

Magisterial District Judges and common pleas bail shall be segregated by Courts, Criminal Division and retained until a determination of the criminal case by a magisterial district judge following a preliminary hearing. If a magisterial district justice finds a prima facie case, the Clerk of Courts shall return the bail monies upon final disposition of the case (including all appeals). However, if a magisterial district judge does not find a prima facie case, the Clerk of Courts shall issue a check to the district court which in turn shall refund the bail to the individual who posted it.

This order and its accompanying procedures shall be circulated to law enforcement and Bucks County police radio staff in order that they can instruct interested parties that wish to post bail.

Magisterial District Judges shall hand serve all defendants who are sent to prison with a notice (see attached) of where and how to post bail.


If you wish to post bail you may do so at the following times and places:

DAYTIME - 8:30 a.m. until 5:00p.m.

At the office of the Magisterial District judge (or final issuing authority) where your preliminary hearing was held or scheduled to be held during daytime office hours only.


All bail after hours will be accepted at the Prison Records Office of the Bucks County Correctional Center, (215) 345-3774, located at 1730 South Easton Road near the village of Edison, 3 miles south of Doylestown as follows:

Monday through Friday: 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m.

Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and Holidays: 24 hour bail posting