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Local Rules

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Rule 200*(c). Grand Jury Sessions.

Regular sessions of the grand jury shall be held during the one (1) week periods beginning respectively on the first day of each term as designated in rule 150, and also on each of the alternate Fridays occurring thereafter during the balance of each term. If such Friday shall be a holiday, the daily sessions shall be on the next preceding day which is not a holiday. Additional sessions may be designated by the Court as the exigencies of the situation may require.

Rule 200*(d). Cases to be Submitted.

The list of cases to be submitted to the respective sessions of the grand jury shall be prepared and published by the District Attorney. Notice of the scheduling of cases for presentment to the respective sessions of the grand jury shall be given to defendants, their attorneys of record and bondsmen by the Clerk of Courts, unless such notice shall have earlier been given by the issuing authority in particular cases at the time when a defendant had been held for Court, provided that due documentation thereof shall appear in the file record.