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Local Rules

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Rule 2232(a)*(1)-*(2). Defective Joinder, Change of Parties, Notice.

*(1) Where notice of the pendency of an action to recover damages for an injury, not resulting in death, inflicted upon the person of a spouse or a minor, is given by the defendant under Pa. R.C.P. 2232(a), it shall be given within twenty days after service upon him of the complaint.

*(2) The notice shall state the Court, term and number of the action, the parties thereto and its nature, and that the person to whom it is addressed is required to join therein within twenty days after receipt of such notice, or his cause of action will be barred and the action will proceed without him.

Rule 2232(b)*(1). Joinder of Other Persons. Procedure.

Application under Pa. R.C.P. 2232(b), to drop from the record a party who has been misjoined, or against whom no claim for relief is asserted in the action, shall be by rule to show cause, directed to all other parties. 

Rule 2232(c)*(1). Defective Joinder. Procedure to Correct.

Application under Pa. R.C.P. 2232(c), to join as a party any other person who could have joined or have been joined as such in the action shall be by rule to show cause.