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Local Rules

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Rule *935 Pleadings; Practice; Conformity to Civil Actions

Except as otherwise provided by statute or rule of Court, pleadings and practice in all actions shall, as nearly as possible, conform to the rules relating to civil actions.

Rule *936 Security for Costs; Non-residence or Insolvency of Plaintiff

In cases where the plaintiff resides out of the State at the time suit is brought, or subsequently moves therefrom, and in cases where proceedings in bankruptcy or insolvency are pending against the plaintiff, the defendant, on filing an answer in actions in which an answer is required, and in other actions on filing an affidavit of a just defense to the whole of plaintiff's demand, may enter a rule for security for costs. A garnishee in attachment execution may, in like cases, enter a rule for security for garnishee's costs, after interrogatories and before answers are filed. In default of security entered at the time fixed by the Court, judgment of non pros may be entered by the prothonotary in favor of the defendant, or the attachment quashed in appropriate cases.