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Local Rules

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Rule 206.3*(a) - Canon of Ethics-Affidavits to Pleadings

No attorney holding the office of notary public or district justice shall take an affidavit to any pleading, petition or other paper in any suit or court proceeding in which he or anyone in his firm is counsel.

Rule 206.4(c) - Rule to Show Cause. Alternative Procedures

(1) The Prothonotary shall forward every petition bearing a rule to show cause to the Court for review. At its discretion, the Court may issue a rule to show cause and forward a copy of same to the petitioner for service on all respondents.

(2) A rule to show cause shall be served upon the respondents at least ten days prior to the return date, unless the Court shall specially authorize service within a shorter time. If for any reason satisfactory to the Court the petition and rule shall not have been served ten days before the return day, or the length of time specially authorized, the Court may extend the return day thereof on motion of any interested party.

(3) A stay of proceedings, including a stay of execution, may be granted by the court in its discretion. If a stay of proceedings is required, the moving party shall schedule a conference with the assigned judge. Unless waived by the court, notice of the conference shall be provided to opposing counsel and any unrepresented parties. The application for stay shall be presented at the conference.

(4)(a) When a rule has issued and been properly served on all interested parties and a response is filed in opposition, the petition shall be submitted to and decided by the court pursuant to Bucks County Rule of Civil Procedure No. 208.3(b)

(4)(b) When a rule has issued and been properly served on all interested parties and no response in opposition has been filed, the moving party may file a motion and order to make the rule absolute any time after the return date.

Rule 206.7*(e)-*(g) - Answers to Petitions-Affidavits-Replications-Time for Filing

*(e) At or before the time fixed for the return on the rule, the respondent may file an answer thereto. If the answer shall contain any denial of the allegations of fact in the petition, or statement of new facts by way of defense, it shall be verified by affidavit.

*(f) On the filing of the answer the petitioner may, within ten days after notice thereof, file a replication thereto.

*(g) The Court may, by special order, extend the time for filing of the answer or replication.