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Rule *945 County Board of Viewers; Membership; Compensation

(a) The Board of Viewers for the County shall consist of nine members, not less than two of whom shall be members of the Bar of this County. Their compensation shall be fixed as provided by law.

(b) Each member of said Board shall, before entering upon his duties of office, take and subscribe to an oath or affirmation to perform faithfully all the duties imposed upon him by law, which shall be filed in the prothonotary's office.

(c) The petition for appointment of viewers in all eminent domain proceedings shall specify the Act of Assembly, if any, under which the condemnation was made, whichever is applicable. The order appointing the viewers shall contain the tax parcel number of the property subject to condemnation. Notice that the petition has been presented, together with a conformed copy thereof, as well as a conformed copy of the order appointing the viewers, shall be forthwith mailed by the petitioner to the owners, or condemning body, or their attorney of record, whichever is applicable. An additional conformed copy of such petition shall be filed with the prothonotary for his use in certifying the record to the viewers appointed. The attorney for the petitioner shall file a certification of service as aforesaid with the prothonotary within twenty (20) days after the appointment of viewers. After receipt of the certification of service the prothonotary shall certify the record to the chairman of the viewers appointed.

Rule *946 Hearings; Records

(a) All hearings of the Board of Viewers appointed in any case shall be held publicly in the Court House of the County, or in some other suitable place within the County, to be designated by the chairman of such Board who shall be the law member of the Board of Viewers.

(b) Whenever it shall be desirable that accurate stenographic reports of hearings before the respective boards of view shall be taken, the Court, for cause shown, may direct the official court stenographer to take notes thereof, and copies of said reports shall in such case be furnished to counsel for the parties in interest at the expense of the County.

Rule *947 Reports; Confirmation; Exceptions

In any case in which a report of viewers shall be filed and presented to the Court for confirmation, the same shall be marked "Confirmed Nisi," which confirmation shall become absolute, and shall be so marked by the prothonotary unless exceptions are filed thereto within thirty (30) days thereafter, or such other time as required by Act of Assembly; provided that for cause shown the Court may, by special order entered, extend the time for filing exceptions.

Rule *948 Request for View

Any request for a view of the premises by a jury shall be made in writing delivered to the office of the court administrator at least one week prior to trial.