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Youth Center

The Youth Center is a temporary holding facility (detention center) for alleged and adjudicated delinquent juveniles.  It is operated under the authority of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Human Services, Title 55, PA Code 3800 – Secure Detention Facility.  Youth between the ages of 10 years and 18 years, alleged to have committed a crime and under the authority of the Bucks County Juvenile Court, are remanded to the secure care of the center.  They remain under the care, custody and control of the Youth Center until a disposition has been finalized by the Juvenile Court.

The Youth Center also operates a Non-Secure, Community Based Residential Service Unit for males and females. The Residential Program offers individual, group and family counseling for its residents and operates under a Restorative Justice Model.

Operation Hours:
7 days per week,
24 hours per day

Office Hours:
8:00 am through 4:00 pm
Monday through Friday

PREA Information
General Information - Visitation, Court, Mail, etc.

John F. Corr, MS, Director  Jason Moore, MS, Supervisor, RSU
Jason Tumelty, MS, Deputy Director 
Thomas Richards, MS, Supervisor, SSU
Dax Torres, Supervisor 
Tracey Blundi, MS, Case Manager, SSU
Peter O'Connor, MS, Supervisor    Kenneth Smith, MS, Case Manager, SSU 
Aldain Lobban, MA, Supervisor     Joan Lang, MS, Case Manager, SSU
Broderick President, MA, Treatment Supervisor    Brian Boger, MS, Supervisor of Program and System Development

Mailing Address:  
Bucks County Youth Center
1750 Easton Rd
Doylestown, PA  18901
 Phone #  215-340-8300 
      Fax #  215-340-8354 or              215-340-8355
Email:  BucksBCYCinfo@buckscounty.org

Employment at BCYC:
All job opportunities are posted on the Human Resources link of the Bucks County Website.  Follow instructions posted there to apply. 

College & University student internships are available at BCYC.  Please direct inquiries to our general email address and include a cover letter and resume.

Tours/Speaking Engagements

Requests for tours or speaking engagements can be requested through BucksBCYCinfo@buckscounty.org

Other Documents of Interest:

  1. Consent to Treatment
  2. Resident Rights/Grievance Policy

If You Have Questions:
Please direct questions or concerns about residents to the On-Duty Supervisor at the main phone #215-340-8300.  You may also ask to speak with someone from the Special Services Unit or with the Deputy Director of Program.

Tracey BlundiMS, Case Manager, SSU 
Tracey BlundiMS, Case Manager, SSU 
Youth Center 
John F. Corr, MSDirector
Jason Tumelty, MSDeputy Director
1750 South Easton Road 
Doylestown, PA  18901 
Phone: 215-340-8300