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Silence Isn't Golden - Help Stop Elder Abuse

You can help stop elder abuse.

Silence isn't golden.

If you suspect elder abuse call:

Fraud Alerts Archives


December 2019 Let the "Reindeer Games" Begin 
November 2019  'Tis the Season of Scams 
August 2019 "There's No Place Like Home..." Are You Prepared? 
July 2019 Tech Scams and Fraud 
June 2019 Storm Damage Contractors 
May 2019 Social Media Recommendations 
April 2019 Traveling Contractors 
March 2019 Ghost Tax Preparers 
February 2019 IRS Tax Scams 
January 2019 Sheriff Deputy Scam 


November 2018  Charity Scams
October 2018 Social Security Calls 
September 2018  IRS Phone Scams 
August 2018  Medical Alert Scams 
July 2018  Hot Under the Collar - AC Repair Tips 
June 2018  NOT a Fraud: American Community Survey
May 2018  Know Your Measurements
April 2018  No-Show Jury Duty Scam
March 2018  Sympathetic Contributions 
February 2018  Valentine's Sweetheart Scam 
January 2018  Medicare Cards 


December 2017  Holiday Returns Tips 
November 2017 Gift Cards  
October 2017  Freezing Credit Files 
September 2017  Hurricane Helpers Beware 
August 2017  Uniquely Me - Safeguarding Your Identity
July 2017 Keeping Your Cool 
June 2017  "Benefit Update" Mailing 
May 2017  Fraudsters and Robo Calls 
April 2017  Traveling Contractors
March 2017  Timeshare Resale Fraud 
February 2017  "You Owe the IRS Money" Scam 
January 2017  "Cleaning Out Your Closet"


December 2016  Top Three Scams of 2016
November 2016  Holiday Shopping Scams 
October 2016  Tech Support Scams 
September 2016  Campaign Fraud & Poll Fraudsters 
August 2016  Time Share Scams 
July 2016  When a Stranger Calls with a Great Investment Opportunity 
June 2016  Older Consumers Targeted by Fraudsters Not Once, but Twice! 
May 2016  How Scammers Find You 
April 2016  Five Top Scams to Look Out for Following the Death of a Loved One 
March 2016  FTC Warns Consumers on New Chip Card Scam 
February 2016  Keep 2016 Scam Free
January 2016  Top Scams of 2015 

Fraud Alerts

The Bucks County Crimes Against Older Adults Task Force issues regular alerts on fraudulent practices and scams that could impact older adults. This information comes from local news sources and government agencies and is offered as a public service.

To see current Fraud Alerts, please go to the Fraud Alerts main page.