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Bucks County Farms

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What is Agribusiness?
It is an enterprise that derives a significant portion of its revenues from the sale of agricultural products or sales to agricultural producers. Agribusiness is the number one industry in Pennsylvania. Furthermore, the Commonwealth has the most holiday tree farms in the nation and the state is fourth in the number of acres dedicated to holiday tree production, which added up to $13.9 million worth of holiday tree sales in 2003. Bucks County Business Development remains committed to assisting and promoting agribusiness in Bucks County.

In support of Bucks County Agribusiness, we have produced this website, "Bucks County Farms" with the assistance of Bucks County farmers and the Penn State Cooperative Extension-Bucks County. This site is intended to answer the questions where and when to obtain farm-fresh products, locally produced wine and where to select and cut your holiday tree.

Initiatives such as these are helping to build a large and stable market for farm products, protecting jobs, and strengthening our local economy. Bucks County Agribusiness enhances the community and the quality of life that characterizes Bucks County.

- Bucks County Business Development Department

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Penn State Cooperative Extension

Kathleen V. Salisbury
Horticulture Educator