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Court Information

Local Rules

Civil Division Rules

Appeals From Certain Administrative Agencies
Rule *27

 Appeals From Zoning Hearing Boards
Rule *28 Appeals From The Bucks County Board Of Assessment And Revision Of Taxes

The Business Of Courts
Rule *200 Attorneys
Rule 205.2(a) Physical Characteristics of Pleadings and Other Legal Papers
Rule 205.2(b) Cover Sheets on Pleadings and Other Legal Papers
Rule 205.4(f)(3) Bucks County Rule 205.4(f)(3) - Signature
Rule 206.3*(A) Canon Of Ethics-Affidavits To Pleadings
Rule 206.4(c) Rule to Show Cause. Alternative Procedures
Rule 206.7*(E)-*(G) Answers To Petitions-Affidavits-Replications- Time For Filing
Rule 208.2(c) Statement of Authority
Rule 208.2(e)  Affidavit of Good Faith Efforts to Resolve Discovery Disputes Prior to Court Action
Rule 208.3(a) Scheduling and Hearing of Motions
Rule 208.3(b) Alternative Procedures
        Explanatory Comment
Rule 210 Form and Content of Briefs and Argument Procedures
Rule 210*(A)-*(E) Form And Content Of Briefs - Service - Filing Of Briefs - Delivery To Court
Rule 211*(A) Oral Arguments
Rule 212.7 Case Management Orders 
Rule 212.8  Case Intervention Program 
Rule 216*(F) Application For Continuance
Rule 220.1*1 Civil Jury Selection
Rule 222*(A) Attorneys As Witnesses
Rule 223*(C)-*(G) Conduct Of Jury Trial
Rule 227.1*(A) Motions For Post-Trial Relief
Rule 227.3*(A)-*(D) Payment For Transcript
Rule 241  Attorney and Party Contact Information
Rule *251 Motions And Rules
Rule *254 Sessions Of Jury Trials
Rule *256 Argument Courts
Rule *257 Specially Fixed Trials And Arguments
Rule *261 Ordering Cases On Trial List
Rule *263 Preparation Of Trial List
Rule *264 Holidays
Rule *265 Equity And Non-Jury Trial Lists
Rule *266 Rule *266 rescinded-for disposition of petitions, see B.C.R.C.P. No. 206.4(c)(4)(a) and (b); for disposition of motions and other miscellaneous application; see B.C.R.C.P. No. 208.3(a) and (b).
Rule *275 Money Paid Into Court
Rule *280 Bills Of Costs
Rule *285 Legal Periodical; Service By Publication
Rule *286 Notices; Service Of Papers
Rule *287 Appeals To Supreme, Superior And Commonwealth Courts - Duties Of Attorneys
Rule *300 Rule *300 rescinded-for filing office, see B.C.R.C.P. No. 205.2(a)(1).
Rule *301 Rule *301 rescinded-for backer requirement, see B.C.R.C.P. No. 205.2(a)(2).
Rule *302 Rule *302 rescinded-for complete docket number requirement, see B.C.R.C.P. No. 205.2(a)(3).
Rule 400.1*(C) Regarding Service Of Process [Rescinded September 1, 2004, effective immediately]
Rule 440*(C)-*(E) Rule 440*(c)-(e) rescinded-for service requirements, see B.C.R.C.P. Nos. 206.4(c)(2), 206.4(c)(4)(b), 208.3(a)(2) and 208.3(a)(4).

Rule *920 Accounts; Statements Of Proposed Distribution
Rule *921 Auditors
Rule *922 Discharge Of Fiduciaries

Rule *925 Judgments On Old Warrants Of Attorney
Rule *928 Judgments On Verdicts
Rule *930 Deficiency Judgments; Fair Value Act
Rule *931 Satisfaction Of Judgments

Pleadings And Practice
Rule *935 Pleadings; Practice; Conformity To Civil Actions
Rule *936 Security For Costs; Nonresidence Or Insolvency Of Plaintiff

Rule *940 Approval Of Sureties
Rule *941 Individual Sureties
Rule *942 Corporate Sureties

Rule *945 County Board Of Viewers; Membership; Compensation
Rule *946 Hearings; Records
Rule *947 Reports; Confirmation; Exceptions
Rule *948 Request For View

Civil Actions
Rule 1018.1(C)*(1) Notice To Defend
Rule 1021*(E) Claim For Money Damages. Amount. Interest. Account. Exceptions
Rule 1023.1(b)(1)
Signing of Documents
Rule 1024*(D) Attorney Executing Verification
Rule 1024*(E) Dating Of Verification
Rule 1028(c)  Procedure for the Disposition of Preliminary Objections
Rule 1029*(e)
Book Accounts - Copy - Demand for Production of Books
Rule 1033*(a)
Rule 1034(a)
Procedure for the Disposition of Motions for Judgment on the Pleadings
Rule 1034(a)*(1) Rule 1034(a)*(1) rescinded-for disposition of Motions for Judgment on the Pleadings, see B.C.R.C.P. No. 1034(a).
Rule 1035.2(a)
Procedure for the Disposition of Summary Judgement Motions
Rule 1219.5*(D) Domestic Relations

Compulsory Arbitration
Rule 1301*(A)-*(B) Cases For Submission
Rule 1302*(G)-*(M) Administration Of Arbitration
Rule 1303*(C)-*(E) Hearing. Notice
Rule 1304*(D) Conduct Of Hearing. Generally
Rule 1305(B)*(5) Conduct Of Hearing. Evidence
Rule 1306*(A) Award
Rule 1308*(D)-*(E) Appeal

Actions In Equity
Rule 1533*(I) Receivers - Notice To Creditors, Etc

Actions In Support
Rule 1910.5*(D) Domestic Relations

Actions in Custody 
Rule 1915.11-1.1  Parenting Coordination 

Actions Of Divorce Or Annulment Of Marriage
Rule 1920.3*(A) Filing Of Pleadings
Rule 1920.3*(B) Social Security Number And Address
Rule 1920.3*(C) Filing Fees
Rule 1920.4*(F) Service. Notice
Rule 1920.12*(D) Duplicate Original Complaints
Rule 1920.12*(E) Marriage Certificate
Rule 1920.13*(D) Custody Claims. [Rescinded November 3, 1998, effective 30 days after publication in the Pennsylvania Bulletin]
Rule 1920.16*(A)


Rule 1920.22*(C) Discovery. [Rescinded November 3, 1998, Effective 30 Days After Publication In The Pennsylvania Bulletin]
Rule 1920.33*(F) Pre-Hearing Statement Deadline
Rule 1920.33*(G) Failure To File Pre-Hearing Statement
Rule 1920.33*(H) Form Of Pre-Hearing Statement
Rule 1920.*35 Procedure As To Interim Counsel Fees And Expenses
Rule 1920.42*(C) Incorporation Of Separation Agreements. [Rescinded November 3, 1998, Effective 30 Days After Publication In The Pennsylvania Bulletin]
Rule 1920.42*(D) Notice. Certification Of Notice. [Rescinded November 3, 1998, Effective 30 Days After Publication In The Pennsylvania Bulletin]
Rule 1920.42(D)*(3) Proceedings Upon Filing of Counter-Affidavit.
Rule 1920.42*(E) Decree. [Rescinded November 3, 1998, Effective 30 Days After Publication In The Pennsylvania Bulletin]
Rule 1920.42*(F) Form Of Decree
Rule 1920.51*(F) Permanent Masters
Rule 1920.51*(G) Application For Hearing. Objections To Applications. Forms. Times.
Rule 1920.51*(H) Scheduling Of Hearing By Master
Rule 1920.51*(I) Appointment, Compensation Of Stenographers
Rule 1920.53*(D) Prepared Record In Uncontested Cases
Rule 1920.53*(E) Uncontested Hearings Using Prepared Record Of Testimony
Rule 1920.54*(E) Trial By Judge
Rule 1920.55*(D) Proceedings Subsequent To Hearing By Master
Rule 1920.55-3(C)*(1). Demand For Hearing De Novo, Withdrawal
Rule 1920.*63 Discontinuance
Rule 1920.71*(A) Offices To Be Included In Notice To Defend And Claim Rights
Rule 1930.5*(C) Discovery
Rule 1920.72*(D) Form Of Rule For Interim Counsel Fees And Expenses.
Rule 1920.72*(E) Form Of Order Approving Grounds For Divorce
Rule 1920.74*(C) Form Of Application For Hearing By Master On Related Claims
Rule 1920.74*(D) Form Of Motion To Strike Application For Hearing By Master
Rule 1920.76*(A) Caption Of Decree Of Divorce. [Rescinded November 3, 1998, Effective 30 Days After Publication In The Pennsylvania Bulletin]
Rules Relating To Domestic Relations Matters Generally
Rule 1930.5*(C) Discovery

Minors As Parties
Rule 2039(A)*(1) Compromise, Settlement, Discontinuance And Distribution

Actions For Wrongful Death
Rule 2205*(A)-*(B) Notice To Persons Entitled To Damages-Service

Joinder Of Parties
Rule 2232(A)*(1)-*(2) Defective Joinder, Change Of Parties, Notice
Rule 2232(B)*(1) Joinder Of Other Persons. Procedure
Rule 2232(C)*(1) Defective Joinder. Procedure To Correct

Substitution Of Parties
Rule 2353*(B) Service Of Rule

Enforcement Of Money Judgments For The Payment Of Money
Rule 3129*(F) Notice Of Sale-Real Property

Enforcement Of Judgments In Special Actions Interpleader
Rule 3216*(A) Trial Without Jury

Enforcement Of Judgments - Forms
Rule 3252(B)*(1) Writ Of Execution, Money Judgments

Depositions And Discovery
Rule 4001(C)*(1) Witnesses Not To Be Examined At Hearings On Motions And Rules
Rule 4005(C)*(1)(i) Introductory Statement
Rule 4005(C)*(1)(ii) Standard Interrogatories
Rule 4015*(D) Letters Rogatory-Form
Rule 4019(G)(1)*(A)-*(B) Sanctions
Rule 4019 (G)(1)(c) Rule of Civil Procedure


Civil Division Administrative Orders

Administrative Order No. 1 Judicial And Related Account
Administrative Order No. 2 Duties Of The Court Administrator
Administrative Order No. 6 Order Re Implementation Of Divorce Code Of 1980
Administrative Order No. 9 Jury Selection Commission - Action 1980-78
Administrative Order No. 11 Boards Of View And Jurors - Reimbursement By Condemnors For Fees And Expenses
Administrative Order No. 13 Actions For Support - Forms - Pa. R.C.P. §1910.26(C)
Administrative Order No. 17 Support Order For Children Under Jurisdiction Of Juvenile Probation Department
Administrative Order No. 19 Protection From Abuse Actions
Administrative Order No. 20 Pa. R.C.P. 4017(D) Filing Transcripts Of Deposition
Administrative Order No. 22 Protection From Abuse Act (Rescinded; see Administrative Order 19 above)
Administrative Order No. 24 Discontinuance Of Appellate Proceedings
Administrative Order No. 25 Child Victims Of Sexual Or Physical Abuse
Administrative Order No. 26 Advertising Prior To Termination Of Cases
Administrative Order No. 27 Procedure For Imposition Of Delay Damages In Arbitration Matters
Administrative Order No. 29 In Re: Termination Of Cases Under Pennsylvania Rule Of Judicial Administration 1901
Administrative Order No. 30 Arbitration Appeal Fees
Administrative Order No. 31 Asbestos Litigation Pleadings
Administrative Order No. 32 Asbestos Litigation Pleadings
Administrative Order No. 33 Asbestos Litigation Pleadings
Administrative Order No. 34 Discontinuances In Asbestos Cases - Notice To Other Parties Under Pa. R.C.P. 229
Administrative Order No. 55  Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Program 


Magisterial District Judge Rules

Rule 1008*(D) Landlord Tenant Appeals


Criminal Division Rules

Rule 101a*(1); 77 Mm 1992 Approval Of Police Complaints And Arrest Warrant Affidavits By Attorney For The Commonwealth-Local Options

Arrest Without Warrant Filing Of Complaint
Rule 130*(E) Release Prior To Preliminary Arraignment

Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition
Rule 160*1; 26 Mm 1991 Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition In Summary Cases

Grand Jury, Indictment And Information
Rule 200*(C) Grand Jury Sessions
Rule 200*(D) Cases To Be Submitted

Search Warrants
Rule 202  Approval of Search Warrant Applications by Attorney for the Commonweath

Pretrial Procedures
Rule 302*(C)-*(D) Attorneys - Appearances And Withdrawals
Rule 303*(E)-*(H) Arraignment
Rule 304*(F). Pretrial Applications For Relief To Be Heard By Judge Assigned To Case

Business Of Courts
Rule *500 Deputy Constables
Rule *501 Terms Of Court
Rule *502 Sessions Of Jury Trials
Rule *503 Arguments
Rule *504 Appeals To Supreme, Superior And Commonwealth Courts - Duties Of Attorneys

Rule 1107.*1 Criminal Jury Selection; 27 Mm 1993
Rule 1123*(F)-*(I) Post-Verdict Motions-Notice-Briefs-Argument

Rule 1401(B)*(1) Sentencing Judge - Notification

Search Warrants
Rule 2002a*(1) Approval Of Search Warrant Applications By Attorney For The Commonwealth - Local Option (Rescinded; see Rule 202 above)
Rule 4007*(E)(1-5) Qualification Of Surety (Rescinded)

Domestic Relations
Rule *5001 Proceedings For Support


Criminal Division Administrative Orders

Administrative Order No. 25 Child Victims Of Sexual Or Physical Abuse
Administrative Order No. 37 Local Procedures For Ard In Summary Cases
Administrative Order No. 38 Offender Supervision Fees
Administrative Order No. 39 Acceptance Of Bail After Regular Office Hours Of Magisterial District Judges And Common Pleas Judges
Order No. 90
 District Court Diversionary Program 

Orphans' Court Division Rules

Local Rules
Rule 1.1a Short title and Citation
Rule 1.5a
Local Rules
Rule 1.6a
Mediation by Agreement, Local Rule, or Court Order
Rule 1.7a
Entry and Withdrawal of Counsel
Rule 1.9a
Holidays and Emergencies

Accounts, Objections and Distributions
Rule 2.1a
Sessions of Court
Rule 2.4a
Additional Receipts and Disbursements 
Rule 2.6a
Filing with the Clerk
Rule 2.7a
Objections to Accounts or Petitions for Adjudication/Statements of Proposed Distribution
Rule 2.9a Filing
Rule 2.10a Foreign Heirs and Unknown Distributees 
Rule 2.11a
 Appointment of Official Examiners

Petition Practice and Pleading 
Rule 3.1a
Petitions Generally
Rule 3.5a Mode of Proceeding on Petition
Rule 3.7a Time for Filing and Serive of Responsive Pleadings
Rule 3.9a Preliminary Objections

Format and Service of Legal Paper by Parties and Court; Electronic Filing
Rule 4.2a
Citation or Notice to Individuals and Entities
Rule 4.7a
Electronic Filing

Rules Governing Specific Types of Petitions
Rule 5.4a
Revocation, Vacating or Extension of Time for Filing of Surviving Spouse's Election
Rule 5.6a
Appointment of a Guardian for the Estate or Person of a Minor
Rule 5.6b
Minor's Estate, Allowances
Rule 5.8a
Discharge of Fiduciary and Surety
Rule 5.10a  Public Sale of Real Estate
Rule 5.10b  Joinder and Consent
Rule 5.10c  Procedure for Public Sale. Security
Rule 5.10d  Mortgage or Lease of Real Property
Rule 5.11a  Public Sale. Exhibits 
Rule 5.11b  Private Sale of Real Property or Options Therefor
Rule 5.12a  Petition to Fix or waive Additional Security.  Personal Representative. Other Fiduciary
Rule 5.16a Petition to Settle Wrongful Death and Survival Actions
Rule 5.17a Petition for Leave to Compromise Minor's Action

Rules Relating to Pre-Hearing and Hearing Procedure
Rule 7.1a
Practice as to Depositions, Discovery, Production of Documents and Perpetuation of Testimony
Rule 7.1b
Pretrial Conference
Rule 7.2a
Motion for Judgement on the Pleadings
Rule 7.3a
Motion for Summary Judgement

Rule 8.2a
Motions for Reconsideration

Auditors and Masters
Rule 9.1a
 Notice of Hearings
Rule 9.2a  Filing of Report
Rule 9.5a
 Transcript of Testimony
Rule 9.6a
Notice of Filing Report
Rule 9.7a  Confirmation of Report

Register Of Wills
Rule 10.4a
Appeals from the Register of Wills

Special Petitions
Rule 12.1a Family Exemption; Voluntary Distribution
Rule 12.1b Family Exemption; Small Estates
Rule 12.1c Family Exemption; Allowance
Rule 12.2a Spouse's Allowance Under Prior Law
Rule 12.3a Extension Of Time For Filing Election
Rule 12.5a Presence Of Minor In Court Not Required
Rule 12.5b Minor's Estate. Restricted Accounts. Waiver Of Bond
Rule 12.5c Minor's Estate, Allowances
Rule 12.5d Small Estates Of Minors
Rule 12.6a Exhibits To Petition For Appointment Of Trustee
Rule 12.7a Discharge Of Fiduciaries. Additional Averments.
Rule 12.7b Exhibits
Rule 12.7c Rule 12.7c Discharge Of Fiduciaries Of Certain Small Estates.
Rule 12.9a General Rules Applicable To All Fiduciaries For All Petitions Relating To The Public Sale, Excusing Or Requiring Additional Security Or Other Disposition Of Real Estate
Rule 12.9b Joinder And Consent
Rule 12.9c Procedure For Public Sale. Security
Rule 12.9d Public Sale. Exhibits
Rule 12.9e Public Sale. Surety
Rule 12.10a Private Sale, Exchange Or Option. Contents Of Petition. Exhibits. Notice And Security
Rule 12.10b Petition For A Sale Having Effect Of A Judicial Sale
Rule 12.10c Petition To Fix Or Waive Additional Security. Personal Representative. Other Fiduciary
Rule 12.11a Mortgage Or Lease Of Real Property. Additional Requirements And Security

Distribution - Special Situations
Rule 13.3a Contents Of Report

Incompetents' Estates
Rule 14.2A Notice of Mental Health Commitment
Rule 14.2B Withdrawal of Petition
Rule 14.9 Allowances

Rule 15.1a Form Of Petition And Other Papers
Rule 15.1b Certificate Of Adoption
Rule 15.2a Persons At Hearing For Voluntary Relinquishment To Agency
Rule 15.3a Persons At Hearing For Voluntary Relinquishment To Adult
Rule 15.3b Petition To Confirm Consent To Adoption
Rule 15.4a Persons At Hearing For Involuntary Termination Of Parental Rights
Rule 15.5a Petition For Adoption
Rule 15.5b Preplacement Home Study And Report; Investigation
Rule 15.5c Disclosure Of Fees And Costs
Rule 15.5d Persons At Adoption Hearing
Rule 15.5e [Reserved]
Rule 15.5f Persons At Hearing
Rule 15.6a Notice


Orphans' Court Administrative Orders

Administrative Order No. 28 Adoption Investigation Reports
Administrative Order No. 36 Marriage Application Licenses


Orphans' Court Sample Forms

Preliminary Decree and Citation
Petition to Settle Wrongful Death and Survival Actions
Petition for Appointment of Guardian of the Person and of the Estate of a Minor
Petition for Distribution of Minor’s Funds
Petition for Leave to Compromise Minor’s Action
Petition for Appointment of Counsel
Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis


Rules of Judicial Administration

Rule 4007 Request for Transcripts
Rule 4008 Transcript Costs Payable by a Requesting Party other than the Commonwealth or a Subdivision Thereof 
Rule 4009  Fees Payable to the Court Reporter by the Courts for Court-Ordered Transcripts