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The Bucks County Department of Corrections

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If you know or are aware of an inmate who is experiencing thoughts of suicide, please call our toll-free Suicide Hotline at 215-328-8530.

Correctional Facility

Mail/Phone Services


Effective October 1, 2018

Incoming Mail - Permitted Items

  1. All incoming mail must be in a plain unlined WHITE standard business sized (#10 - 4”x 9 ½”) or legal sized envelope. 
  2.  All incoming general correspondence (non-legal) will only be accepted if written on standard sized 8 ½ x 11” WHITE paper, lined or un-lined - No Rough Edges
  3. Legal or Privileged correspondence will be accepted.
  4. Letters must be written in ink or graphite pencil.
  5. Digital photo-copies of photographs printed on standard white 8 ½ x 11” paper.  These will be considered one sheet of paper and not count as a “photograph”.  There is no limit to the number of photo-copies an inmate may receive.
  6. Validated money orders.
  7. Mail containing any other items, on any other type of paper, in any other type of envelope or written or marked with any other medium will be returned to sender.

Incoming Mail – Items NOT Permitted

The following are considered unauthorized items.  Any mail containing unauthorized items will be stamped as “REFUSED” and the correspondence will be returned to sender. The letter and unauthorized items will be rejected as a whole.   

  1. Colored envelopes
  2. Greeting cards
  3. Letters or correspondence written on colored paper
  4. Photographs including Polaroid and instant photos.
  5. Obscene materials, written or drawn, nude pictures or photo-copies and/or pornographic materials, including child pornography
  6. Pictures or photo-copies containing violence or gang related activities including hand signs
  7. Mail written in code, or in a foreign language that cannot be interpreted to the extent necessary to conduct an effective search
  8. Stickers, labels or anything with adhesive including return address labels
  9. Care packages
  10. Mail containing a foreign or unknown substance or stain.  If the substance is suspected of being a controlled substance, the mail shall be turned over to law enforcement officials.
  11. Any envelope or letter with an odor causing substance like perfume or cologne that permeates the mail
  12. Personal checks, cash or C.O.D. (Collect/Cash on Delivery) items
  13. Post cards, pamphlets, or business cards
  14. Mail written in crayon, paint, marker, colored pencil, gel ink, felt-tip or highlighter
  15. Mail with lipstick imprinted on it
  16. Items containing glue or white out
  17. Blank paper, envelopes, Post-it notes, glitter, tape, plastic or metal, craft materials, parchment or stock paper, colored paper, staples, paper clips, or ribbon
  18. Postage stamps, loose or book
  19. Flowers, candy or food
  20. Torn-out book, magazine or newspaper clippings or pages

Publications and Reading Materials

Reading materials will be permitted into the facility only if they originate from a publisher or bookstore. Family/friends may order newspaper or magazine subscriptions for delivery to the facility and may have books sent in directly from a publisher or bookstore. No magazines, newspapers or books sent or delivered by individuals will be permitted into the facility. Any packages received or mailed directly from individuals that contain reading materials will be returned to sender if possible. If a package does not have a return address, the offender will be notified and have two weeks (14 days) to make arrangements for family or friends to pick it up in the lobby during Business Office hours or otherwise remove it. At the end of this period, it will be discarded.

Publications that may pose a safety or security risk to the facility, including publications deemed offensive, obscene or inciteful are prohibited.  The Director, Warden, Superintendent or his/her designee may declare a publication unacceptable at his/her discretion.

There are no restrictions concerning the number of letters an inmate may send or receive. All incoming personal letters are inspected for restricted materials, contraband and money prior to delivery. Only money orders are accepted by mail. Personal checks are NOT accepted, nor is cash. Contraband will be confiscated and held as evidence.

Sexually explicit (pornographic) material or photos are not permitted in the facility. Any mail containing unauthorized items will be returned in its entirety to the sender. Where there is no return address it will be sent to the dead letter file.

All mail should be addressed to the Inmate and should include their inmate number.

Using the inmate number will help expedite the mail process.  

Mailing address:
Bucks County Department of Corrections
1730 S. Easton Road
Doylestown, PA 18901

Inmate Telephone Information

The Department of Corrections uses Global Telephone LINK Corporation, a Correctional telephone provider servicing the offender population. If you need to create an account, have a billing question, are experiencing difficulties or need information about the GTL System you can call them at 888.949.3303 or contact them through their web site at www.connectnetwork.com (Your OffenderConnect.com user ID, password and phone account remain the same.) 

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Divisional Leadership:

Christopher A. Pirolli
Director of Corrections
Phone: 215-340-8481

David L. Kratz
Deputy Director of Corrections
Phone: 215-340-8481

The Bucks County Department of Corrections
1730 South Easton Road
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901
Phone: 215-345-3700
Fax: 215-918-3015