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Bucks County Capital Projects

Bucks County Justice Center

Special Justice Center Newsletters

Why do we need a new Justice Center complex?
Several issues have necessitated a new Bucks County Justice Center.  When the existing courthouse was constructed, Bucks County had 310,000 residents and four judges. Today, there are 625,000 residents and 13 judges. Since 2005, the number of criminal cases has grown more than 18 percent. In addition, Domestic Relations’ caseload – conducted at 30 N. Main St – has led to overcrowding in that facility.  The new facility will also provide for improved security measures.

Project Background
In July 2008, Doylestown Borough Council passed four ordinances that permitted the Bucks County Justice Center project to move forward. Final plan approval for phase one, the building of the new parking garage (which was completed in June, 2010) was granted at that meeting. Phase two, demolition of the previous County parking garage is complete and phase three includes construction of the new Justice Center on those grounds. In November 2008, by a 2-1 vote (with Commissioners Charles H. Martin and Jim Cawley voting affirmatively, and Diane M. Ellis-Marseglia casting a nay vote), the Bucks County Commissioners approved a $6.57 million contract with design firm Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum (HOK) to provide architectural services for the new Justice Center. The architectural contract represented a savings of approximately $5.5 million from a March 2008 proposed contract.  Commissioner Chairman Charley Martin said about the contract, “The desire was to continue, but not at any cost.”

On January 13, 2011, the Bucks County Commissioners voted, two-to-one, to award six contracts for the upcoming $84 million Justice Center project. For more information, please see, "By 2-1 Vote, Commissioners Approve Six Contracts Totaling $84 Million for New Justice Center."

How will the county keep me informed during the project?
The county is committed to keeping all county residents informed throughout the duration of this capital improvement project, the county’s largest-ever.  This page has been created to provide up-to-date information including a live Web cam of the construction. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter (@BucksCountyGovt) for regular posts and images of the construction progress.You may also sign up on our Web site for BC Connection, Your Bridge to Bucks Newsletter to receive information when any new information is updated. Bucks County’s Director of Operations Jerry Anderson has met with homeowners and local businesses to discuss construction.  He encourages anyone with questions or concerns to call the General Services Division at 215-345-3949.

Phase 1: Parking Garage
Phase 2: Demolition of existing parking garage
Phase 3: Building of the new courthouse

Justice Center Construction Web Cam