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Row Officers

Recorder of Deeds

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I determine the owner of a property?
Our records are by names, not locations. Our records will list all the ground owned by an individual. But if you want to know who owns a certain lot, go to the Board of Assessment on the third floor of the Courthouse and locate the lot on the tax map. They can tell you the owner, as well as our book and page reference.

How do I get a certificate of ownership to move farm equipment?
We can prepare an official certificate. We must know the deed book and page number of the property being certified to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Are there certain rules for plans?
Subdivision plans must be no longer than 24 by 36 inches to be accepted for recording. We need the original on linen or mylar. The plans must be signed by the local governing body and its planning commission, and the Bucks County Planning Commission, the owner and a Notary. If the plans were signed more than 90 days ago, we cannot accept them by State Law.

Are subdivision plans required?
Most municipalities in the county have subdivision ordinances. Check with your local officials.

How do I check easements on my ground?
By coming into the Recorder's Office and checking the records. We will be glad to help you, or contact your Attorney or Title Company.

How do I check deed restrictions on my ground?
Again, by coming into the office. This could be tricky since deed restrictions do not have to be spelled out in each new deed. A restriction could be in a deed ten owners back and still be in effect. When a title company makes a search prior to granting title insurance, these restrictions are reported. Again, check with them.

What is the elevation of my property?
This information is not included in a deed but can be found by referring to a United States Coast and Geodetic Survey Map of your area which is available in the Planning Commission.

How can I determine the latitude and longitude of my ground?
This can be checked on a United States Coast and Geodetic Survey Map of your area in the Planning Commission.

How can I determine my property line?
Your deed will give you the legal description but a surveyor is needed to use this information to actually locate your property lines, and place stakes or other markers.

Do you have plans showing location of my building?
No. The location of buildings might be on plans kept in your township building or borough hall for zoning or permit purposes.

Do you record deeds for cemetery lots?
No. A deed to a cemetery lot only gives you permission to use the ground. The cemetery still retains title to the ground. Such "Deeds" or "Titles" are maintained in the office of the cemetery company.

How can I check for liens against my property?
Except mortgages, most liens are filed in the Prothonotary's Office, not in the Recorder of Deeds Office. You can check with them for liens filed against you there.

How can I determine the location of old wells or water and sewer lines?
This information is not recorded in our office. Records in the municipality in which your property is located may give you this information. If they do not have it, have a plumber trace your lines.

Bucks County Office of Recorder of Deeds
Robin Robinson, Recorder of Deeds
Kristin Nielsen, 1st Deputy
Dianne C. Magee, Solicitor

Bucks County Administration Building
55 East Court St, 6th Floor
Doylestown, PA 18901
Phone: 215-348-6209

Hours: Monday through Friday - 7:45 am to 4:15 pm
All documents to be recorded must be submitted by 4:00 pm
The Recorder of Deeds Office is currently open by either walk-in or by appointment. Please call the number above to schedule if you wish to make an appointment. Masks are required in the office.