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Bucks County Administration

The administrative arm of Bucks County government coordinates a wide range of services including emergency, community and human services, the county prison system, voter registration and elections.

Chief Operating Officer, Margaret A. McKevitt is tasked with the day to day operations of the county, as well as facilitating the functions between the Commissioners, Row Officers, Division Leaders and Courts.

The Chief Clerk is responsible for county record keeping, attesting Commissioners' signatures and affixing the county seal on official documents, as well as overseeing the Board of Elections.

Public Information Department maintains clear lines of communications between the county and its constituents. The Public Information office also coordinates and organizes Commissioners' Meetings.

Among other things, the
County Solicitor oversees the Legal Services Division, consisting of the Law Department, Office of the Public Defender, Office of the Guardian Ad Litem, Department of Consumer Protection and Weights and Measures and the Open Records Office. Legal Services also oversees the county's Boards and Authorities.

Falling under the Administration arm is also the
Human Resources department, which while mostly internal does handle all job requisitions and applications.

Under the commissioners' policies and direction, the chief operating officer also oversees seven divisions who manage programs and services to meet the needs of all county constituents and employees.

Each division consists of a number of departments that deliver related services to the public. The divisions include Community Services (Housing and Community Development, Military Affairs, Planning Commission, Workforce and Economic Development), Corrections (Correctional Facility, Community Corrections Centers), Emergency Services (Emergency Management, Public Safety, Emergency Communications, Emergency Health, Fire Marshal), Finance and Administration (Finance, Board of Assessment, Enterprise Resource Planning, Information Technology, Tax Claim, Purchasing), General Services (Parks and Recreation, County Assets, Capital Projects, Roads and Bridges), Health Services (Health Department, Neshaminy Manor) and Human Services (Children and Youth, Area Agency on Aging, Mental Health/Developmental Programs, Behavioral Health, Drug and Alcohol Commission).

2020 Administrative Organization Chart, Rev 07/13/20