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Bucks County Medical Reserve Corps

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Volunteer Applications are not being accepted at this time. Please check back for opportunities and information on how you can help.

Doctors and other medical staff volunteer for MRCA major emergency has the potential to quickly overwhelm full-time emergency response personnel.  Organized and trained community volunteers, like those with the BC-MRC, can supplement the efforts of the full-time emergency response personnel, providing much needed additional aid during an emergency.

Who can join the Bucks County Medical Reserve Corps (BC-MRC)?
Emergency response requires people with diverse skills and backgrounds; therefore ANYONE 18 years of age or older can volunteer and there are no licensures or skills required to become a BC-MRC volunteer.  To ensure our members are prepared to aid their communities during an emergency, some basic emergency response knowledge is required for all BC-MRC members.  This knowledge will be provided to all members through trainings offered throughout the year.

Examples of volunteers:

  • Medical and public health professionals (including but not limited to):
Computer technicians needed as volunteers



Physicians assistants


Medical assistants

Veterinary technicians



Nurse practitioners


Emergency medical technicians

Health educators/communicators

Respiratory therapists

Toxicologists/Laboratory specialists

Infectious disease specialists

Mortuary services workers


Funeral directors

Dental hygienists

Psychologists and other mental health professionals

  • The MRC is also looking for Dental VolunteersNon-medical volunteers (including but not limited to):


Social workers


Legal and financial advisors

Administrative support staff

Computer users

What are the benefits of volunteering with the BC-MRC?

  • Learning opportunities and skills development
  • Priority in prophylaxis/vaccination during an emergency
  • Sense of pride and accomplishment through community service
  • Free training and professional CEUs
  • Disaster and emergency response opportunities
  • Networking and interaction
  • Hands-on drills and exercises

What should a BC-MRC volunteer expect?
When you sign up to become a BC-MRC volunteer you will be expected to participate in some basic emergency preparedness and response training.  This training will help prepare you for participation in an emergency response and provide you with knowledge on personal preparedness.  Some training will also be provided for specific volunteer opportunities such as participation in the Bucks County Health Department point of dispensing (POD) drill and flu vaccination drill.  Volunteers must pass a background check as a standard precaution for membership.  Any member with current licensures or certifications will need to provide the BC-MRC with a copy for our records.  Every member should expect to be called upon to contribute their services during an emergency.  Of course this is voluntary but BC-MRC members should anticipate being contacted to volunteer during an emergency.

What will a BC-MRC volunteer do?
Activities in which BC-MRC volunteers can expect to be involved in will vary greatly depending on the volunteer’s level of involvement, the situation at hand, and the training and experience of the volunteer.  Possible activities which BC-MRC volunteers can expect to have the opportunity to participate in are:

Point of Dispensing (POD) and Flu Vaccination – The Bucks County Department of Health conducts an annual POD drill and an annual flu vaccination drill to exercise the county’s mass prophylaxis and mass immunization plans and procedures which could be used during a public health emergency such as a biological or pandemic influenza outbreak.  BC-MRC volunteers will have the opportunity to volunteer during these drills and during an emergency if mass prophylaxis/mass immunization sites are established.

Shelters – During a large scale emergency, BC-MRC volunteers might be asked to assist with emergency shelter operations.

Training and Teaching – BC-MRC members will be asked to attend general meetings and basic training (some of which can be completed at home).  They might also be called upon to help educate other BC-MRC members and the community at large on public health and emergency preparedness issues.

National Deployment – Volunteers might have the opportunity to assist other MRCs throughout the United States during an emergency.  Any national deployment would be completely voluntary.

Other Tasks –During times of non-emergency, other opportunities for participation might arise.  BC-MRC volunteers can participate in on-going public health activities of the health department like health education, HIV/AIDS outreach, health fairs, and any other regular public health activity.  During an emergency, BC-MRC members might be called upon to provide assistance in other areas as needed.  The basic emergency response knowledge provided to all BC-MRC members would aid in their ability to adapt to new roles during times of emergency.

How can I sign up?  How can I change my information?

To sign up, click on the BCMRC Volunteer Application 2020 to download the PDF application. 

Complete the information on the form and send it in via mail or email.  If you have any questions please call 215-345-3318. 

Applications can be sent to:
Bucks County Department of Health
Neshaminy Manor Center
1282 Almshouse Road
Doylestown, PA 18901

Bucks County Medical Reserve Corps
Bucks County Department of Health

Drew Dycus or Fallon Maggio
Neshaminy Manor Center
1282 Almshouse Road
Doylestown, PA 18901
Phone: 215-345-3318
Fax: 215-345-3833

Bucks County Health Department
Administrative Office

Neshaminy Manor Center, Building K
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Main HD Line: 215-345-3318
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Central Bucks District Office
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