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Bucks County Health Department

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Bureau of Environmental Health

Retail Food Facility Safety and Security Program

Program Overview - This program applies to all retail food facilities in Bucks County (see examples of retail food facility types below). This program was expanded in 2011 by Act 106 of 2010 (Retail Food Facility Safety Act, C.S. Chapter  57, Subchapter A & B, effective date 1/22/2011). All these food facilities will now be classified as a “Retail Food Facility” and are now under the jurisdiction of this Department instead of the PA Department of Agriculture (PDA) (http://www.eatsafepa.com). The Department is required to enforce the provisions of the revised PA Food Code which adopts the U.S. F.D.A. 2013 Food Code.

The department has set up a new email account for complaints about food facilities
foodcomplaints@buckscounty.org please include the name of the facility, the date you visited the facility and the nature of the complaint in the email.
Richard G. Flack, B.S.,S.E.O, Program Coordinator

Administration & Field Activities
The Department administers this Program through its "
Bucks County Department of Health Rules and Regulations For Conducting and Operating Food Facilities". These food safety regulations are effective October 1, 2014 and model the present PA Department of Agriculture Food Code, Chapter 46. The present FDA Model Food Code will be utilized as food safety standards in accordance to law (Act 106). A field office supervisor, supported by Environmental Protection Specialists (EPSs), manages the Retail Food Facility Safety and Security Program.

Food Safety Inspections and Licensure
The Department licenses and inspects all food facilities, such as but not limited to, eating and drinking facilities, cafeterias, organized camp kitchens, snack bars, bars, taverns, retail bakeries, caterers, mobile food units and their mobile food unit service commissaries, supermarkets, grocery stores, retail kitchens, nursing home kitchens, other institution kitchens, school cafeterias, commercial stores/stands selling potentially hazardous foods/drinks or un-packaged foods, farm/flea market stands selling potentially hazardous foods/drinks or un-packaged foods (intact fruits and vegetables are exempt from licensing), and temporary food event facilities operating 2 or more days per year.

Certain types of retail food facilities (some non-profit/charitable organizations) are exempt from licensing under Act 106. Please contact the Department if you have a question as to whether your retail food facility requires a food license from this Department.  It should be noted that all retail food facilities (licensed or license exempt) are still subject to Department inspection and compliance with the food safety requirements in accordance with Act 106.

In order to help ensure proper food safety practices within the facility, the Department also has a Certified Food Safety Manager Program (see below). This program was not affected by Act 106 of 2010 and remains intact and unchanged.  

All licensed retail food facilities are required to be inspected at least annually. Food inspection results are posted on the County web site for public viewing as required by law, and can be viewed at http://pa.healthinspections.us/bucks/.  In the future, inspection reports will also be posted on the PA Department of Agriculture food safety web site (http://www.eatsafepa.com/) as required by Act 106. Food licenses are not transferable between owners. More frequent inspections are conducted as warranted based upon the retail food facility risk category, in response to a consumer complaint or reported foodborne/waterborne illnesses. Inspections are made in order to audit the operator’s proper food safety techniques used during preparation, handling, storage, and service of foods/drinks to the consumer.

Wholesale food facilities, food storage warehouses, food processors, wholesale bakeries and home food processors continue to be regulated by the PA Department of Agriculture (Region 7 Office at 610-489-1003) or http://www.eatsafepa.com/.

In addition, the Department offers guidelines (form SA-109) to retail food facility operators regarding food security practices and recommendations in support of the Department's Public Health Preparedness program. Food safety seminars are available to food facility operators and the public upon request.

Forms for New Retail Food Facilities and Changes of Ownership
Food Facilities with a new owner/change in ownership, require filing of these forms:

Food License Renewals:

  • License renewal requires the completion of form (SA-13R,05/10) “Bucks County Department of Health Application for Renewal of License to Conduct and Operate a Food Facility” prior to the expiration of your food facility license. The renewal form should have been mailed to you 60 days prior to the expiration date. If you did not receive or have misplaced the renewal form, please contact the nearest Health Department District Office in order to obtain another copy for completion and submission for your food license renewal.  

Temporary Retail Food Facilities
The Department licenses and inspects temporary food facilities operating within the County. A temporary food facility is one that operates at a fixed location for a period of only 2 -14 days per year in conjunction with a single event. A license for such facilities requires completing the form below and a satisfactory inspection by the Department:

  • "Bucks County Department of Health Application for License to Conduct a Temporary Food Operation" (SA-13T Temporary Event Application).
  • Guidelines for the Operation of Temporary Food Service Facilities By Charitable Or Non-Profit Organizations (handout SA-76).

Food Safety Manager Certification Program
The Food Safety Manager Certification Program (CFSM) is conducted in conjunction with licensing of retail food facilities and aims to ensure that all licensed retail food facilities employ at least one full-time certified manager for all hours of operation and/or food/drink preparation. Effective January 1, 2013, this Department will require the applicant to take and pass current Conference for Food Preparation approval exam. The new or renewed BCDH certifications are effective for 5 years.

Please telephone the nearest District Office for licensing information, scheduling inspections, filing a complaint, reporting an alleged foodborne/waterborne illness or for information on the Food Safety Manager Certification Program.   

*Food Facilities Rules and Regulations  

SA-138 Farm/Flea Market Licensing Requirements

SA-139 Farm/Flea Market Plan Review

SA-140 Farm/Flea Market Application

*SA-113 Integrated Pest Management Plan

*SA-113A: Integrated Pest Management Sample Checklist

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