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Health Services

Bucks County Health Department

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Bureau of Environmental Health

Housing Hygiene & Mobile Home Community Sanitation

Arthur E. Carlson, B.S., C.P.S.S., Program Coordinator

Housing Hygiene and Sanitation
The Department protects the public health of residents of rental units and promotes housing that is sanitary and fit for human habitation through its "Rules and Regulations Governing the Hygiene and Sanitation of Housing." Environmental Protection Specialists (EPS) from the Department respond to public health nuisance and certain housing complaints and investigate certain housing sanitation emergencies.

The Housing Hygiene and Sanitation Program utilizes a written complaint procedure. Complaints can be written on a form (form SA-2) that is provided upon request, or by letter. Complaints should be mailed either to the Main Office or to the nearest District Office.

Mobile Home Community Sanitation
The Department annually inspects and registers all mobile home communities in the County. The appropriate fee and Application for Mobile Home Community Registration (
form SA-39) is required as part of this procedure. The purpose of this program is to protect the public health of residents of mobile home units and the residents of adjacent communities from potential health related nuisances and emergencies within the mobile home communities. Operators must comply with the Department's "Rules and Regulations for Conducting and Operating Mobile Home Communities."

Complaints for the Mobile Home Community Program may be either written or by telephone. Telephone complaints should be made to the nearest District Office.

SA-26 Non-Food Plan Review Application

ADM-71 2020 Fee Schedule

Housing Rules and Regulations

Mobile Home Community Rules and Regulations

Application for Mobile Home Community Registration SA-39