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2016 News

Bucks County Accepting Natural Areas Program Applications through August 31, 2016

May 24, 2016

The Natural Areas Program, under the umbrella of the Bucks County Open Space Program, has completed 90 projects, protecting over 3,800 acres. The program is looking to continue its growth and will be accepting applications until the close of business on Wednesday, August 31, 2016. The Board of Commissioners anticipates this will be the final round of applications for the Natural Areas Program and will obligate the remaining funds allocated in the 2007 bond issue.

The Natural Areas Program provides financial assistance to protect significant examples of biological diversity throughout the county. There remains limited funding in competitive monies which will be available to preserve properties with unique natural features, and as such it is anticipated that this will be the final application round for the program. The Natural Areas Inventory of Bucks County identifies 13 conservation landscapes that represent Bucks County’s natural diversity including wildlife habitat, streams, forests, wetlands, unique geological formations and more. Parcels within these areas are field assessed for ecological importance and conservation value.

Funding through the program is available to municipalities and land trusts and may be used to acquire conservation easements on privately owned land as well as fee simple purchases that ensure perpetual natural resource protection. Individuals interested in exploring the option of protecting their land should work through their local municipality or a qualified land trust. Applications are no longer available for this program.