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2020 News

Bucks COVID Rate Drops to 23 Per Day Over Past 4 Days

August 10, 2020

Contact: Larry R. King, 215-348-6413, lrking@buckscounty.org

Over the past four days Bucks County’s number of COVID-19 infections dropped sharply, averaging 23 cases per day from Friday through today.

The 92 new cases over that span were the lowest four-day total since before the July 4 holiday, when the county averaged 21 new infections per day from June 30 through July 3.

Last week’s seven-day total also was the lowest rate since early July. The 210 infections reported for the week ending August 8 – an average of 30 cases per day – were the fewest since the week ending July 11, when the county averaged 29 cases per day.

“We will likely continue to trend downward until we reach our ‘new’ baseline of cases here in the green phase,” said Dr. David Damsker, director of the Bucks County Health Department. “While we can’t eliminate all COVID-19 cases, we should continue our efforts to minimize spread so that both Bucks County residents and affected Bucks County businesses can start recovering as quickly, and as safely, as possible.”

Hospitalizations remained low last week, but two deaths were reported: a 71-year-old woman who died Aug. 1, and a 74-year-old man who died Aug. 7. Both had histories of underlying health conditions.

Of the 92 cases reported from Friday through today, 18 were delayed reports and no longer are considered infectious.

The total included 30 infections spread within households, 14 people infected while out of state, 13 attributed to community spread, nine residents or workers at longterm care facilities, four people infected at other workplaces, three healthcare workers and 19 unable to give full interviews immediately.

Bucks County now has had 6,801 residents test positive for COVID-19 during the pandemic. A total of 515 deaths have been attributed to the virus, including 410 long-term care residents, while 5,715 are confirmed to have recovered.

The median age of those who have been infected in Bucks is 52, while the median age of death is 82.

Twenty-one Bucks County coronavirus patients are hospitalized, two of whom are in critical condition and on ventilators.

Statistics, charts and other coronavirus-related information can be found on the county’s data portal: https://covid19-bucksgis.hub.arcgis.com.  An interactive Bucks County map showing numbers of active infections by municipality can be found here.

Unless there are significant new developments, the next Bucks County COVID update will be posted on Thursday.

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